Talking about transparency

I was talking with @Dane_AUKEY earlier about “transparency” when it comes to their company.

I realized I haven’t been completely transparent myself as to where I am COMPLETELY getting all this sale information.

I do get emails from ZD-Net and CNET, but ultimately, I get my information here. It is Crunch Base, and it is a business website where anything you ever wanted to know about a lot of businesses are available. You can get information for free, but if you wanted to follow a specific company, it is easier to sign up, which is also free, and follow who you would like in one convenient area.

I check it every morning before coming here to see if there is anything I need to pass along to the Community. Then, I will click whatever are the newest headlines and make posts as needed.

I did not want anyone thinking I was trying to compete for being the best or getting the most likes. I just wanted to be informed, and now you know what I know.

Hope that is helpful to some of you! :+1: :smiley:

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Thanks for the heads up, I think we all can benefit from deals regardless of where they come from!

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That’s DOPE! Each one teach one :+1:t5:

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