Talk to AUKEY - Get Involved

We’re going to be starting a NEW series of ‘Talk to AUKEY’, where you guys can send us your questions and we’ll get them answered.

Interested in talking with one of our designers, such as those who were recently awarded the iF Design Award? We’ll get an interview arranged with YOUR questions.

Want to learn how we go about testing our products? Done

Keen to understand the thought process behind a new product line? We’ve got you covered.

Join our new series of Talk to AUKEY, where you can get involved and learn more about our company :slight_smile:

The one with the very best ideas/questions, gets selected for March :smiley:


When you say best idea do you mean best questions or ???

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Yup - that’s right.

Just updated it to be clearer. But essentially, we’re going to run an interview that we’ve just done with our designers for the iF, and we’ve had many questions before across social media and email about a similar thing.

So, we thought we’d get the Community involved :smiley:

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Should be a good source of questions, I’m sure there are many on here. Look forward to seeing how this goes.

Should questions be submitted to this thread publicly, or will there be another link to do that at a later date?

Edited to add - based on seeing the new category just created, I assume people with questions should create a topic in that category with their questions. That would make more sense than burying them in this thread.

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I would love to get involved in stuff like this too. My electronics background loves the how it works almost as much as performance.

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Nice! I like the idea of being able to have chance to talk with various people within Aukey.

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I have to agree with you. I enjoy learning how things work, it’s fascinating. I also enjoy tear down videos, I dont want to damage my own stuff, so it is fun to watch others take stuff apart, haha.

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As @TahaEng said, please can you create a new thread and post your questions or ideas there - we’ll then get selecting from there.

It’s much easier to keep up with the new ideas, rather than finding them here.

Glad to see your interest in this :smiley:

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Great way to get involved and be engaged in the community!

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Glad you agree! If you have a question, by all means let us know :slight_smile: