Tablets, do you use one Android/iPad

I never really needed a tablet for anything but decided to get one anyway, Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 2019, went for just the base model, WiFi only no Lte and 2gb Ram 32gb storage, it should do for music/movies/youtube etc…
If you have one… what have you got?
and what stuff do you use it for?


I’ve never really found a use for a tablet. If I don’t use my phone I go to my Chromebook. I do have a Amazon Fire 7, but rarely use it besides for reading. I side loaded google play services on it thinking i would find more use for it, but never did.


I used to have a Nexus 7 that I used to use. But over time, I found it to be less useful. Also, the app ecosystem on Android wasn’t great. Recently, I bought a HP Spectre X360 2-in-1 laptop which double up as a tablet, and a laptop. I bought the 4K model which is great to enjoy YouTube in 4K. Personally, I think buying a laptop makes more sense than buying a tablet nowadays.


I do have a 2 in 1 Chromebook (Asus C434) but hardly ever use it in tablet mode, I find it a bit bulky and heavy for that, great machine though, I got the 8gb Ram version and added a 256gb SD card to it (only came with 64gb)
However, my use will probably mostly be when sitting in my lovely reclining armchair :blush: using it instead of the phone for that bit bigger screen, I can see it being perfect for when flying or longer bus trips.
I would of course have loved a really fancy one with amoled screen and S-pen but we’re in 650+ territory then so for a first tablet, this 199 Euro one will have to do, if I never really use it, the loss isn’t that big and if I ‘‘get hooked’’ I can always save up a bit and upgrade.


I enjoy using the Microsoft Surface Go 2 - its the best blend of laptop + tablet I feel :smiley:

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I’ve been using iPads since they were first released. I now use the iPad Pro 11" daily.

My accessories used with the iPadPro are USB-C chargers, USB-C hub, Bluetooth Stylus, Bluetooth Keyboard, Bluetooth Headphones, Tablet Stand, External SSD and Carrying Case, among other things.


It’s a really nice setup Zed, I would like something similar but it’s hard to justify spending more than the 200 I paid, simply because it’s only going to be a couch/armchair thing :blush:



I hear ya but I use it daily on my desk alongside my computer. And on the couch in the evenings.
The iPad Pro is also my travel computer. That’s when it’s at it’s best :slight_smile:

I like and use Apple iPads, have one windows tab… No Androids… iPad is an old one… but works great with youtube, VLC, chrome browser… Thats all i need and disabled app deletion so that Apple does not force me to upgrade for these apps - once you delete these apps… No way to get them back from App Store - needs higher IOS VERSION which is not supported by this iPad :grin: