T21 True Wireless Earbuds

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How do I pair these headphones to multiple devices?

Mine just arrived 2 days ago… So far loving them! Couldn’t believe the price, they sound great and pairing them was simple.

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I don’t know if you can. You may have to clear the pairing each time. It said in the included paperwork how, I think it was to press and hold both at the same time.

I don’t know for these specifically. But for bluetooth devices in general, pair them to one device. Then turn off bluetooth on that device, or move it out of range. Put the headphones back in pairing mode (see the manual for that), and then pair them with another device.

That works for almost all bluetooth devices out there, the pairing really happens on the control end (the phone, computer, whatever) and the device doesn’t care all that much. The biggest headache is that when you turn them on and both paired devices have bluetooth on and are nearby, it will pick one of them to pair with, and it may not be the one you want.

In my experience, you then have to disable bluetooth on the paired device you didn’t want. Then disable it on the one you did want, then reenable it on that one. Then it should reconnect to the correct one. This happens all the time to my wife and I in the car, one of our phones pairs to the car bluetooth first and then it is a pain to get the other one connected instead.

All of that is instructions for Bluetooth in general, I can’t speak directly to whether that will work for the T21s as I don’t have a pair.

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@Wcavaliere88 Great news! I think they’re great too - they’re always in my laptop bag wherever I go. Love them for the price. And thanks for helping out @coolcatt, if you have any further questions don’t hestiate to ask here or PM me :slight_smile:

Thanks @TahaEng too for your help. You both gave the same answer I would have :smiley:

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After using the T21s for a few days now, I’m really impressed with the battery life. I was concerned about having to carry the case around, bit it’s nice to have them 100% charged when removed from the case. The only things I wish they had was USB-C charging, so I don’t need an extra cable and the ability to see the battery level of the case. I assume that the percentage that I see is for the buds themselves, or is that the overall case level @Dane_AUKEY? Otherwise, completely satisfied with my purchase.

Brilliant news! Very glad to hear this - I love my T21s too :smiley:

Its the overall battery level of the case, as there’s an audible sound made when the earbuds are at low-battery.


Thanks @Dane_AUKEY, good to know. Battery life is better than I thought if that’s the case level.

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