T21 earbuds stuttering, cutting out

My T21 earbuds cut out all the time. When I’m walking down the street with my smart phone in my pants pocket, one or both ears will cut out for a second. Sometimes it gets better if I put the phone in my shirt pocket. Just now, I was listening with the phone sitting beside me, about a foot away, and the sound was cutting back and forth between the two ears. Can you tell me what’s going on? Would a reset help, and how do I do that?

Hi @ksheldon,

Thanks for joining the community. Here are the steps to reset the earbuds:

  1. take the earbuds out
    2.Tap and hold the touch control area for 10 seconds(both earbuds at the same time).
  2. Put it back to the case and reopen it to connect it again.

As for your problem you had: It could be the bad connection between your earbuds and devices. The connection could be affected by few things:

  1. WiFi router
  2. Base station
  3. High-power source station.

So please keep the connecting device as close to the earbuds as you can. And keep away from those things that may affect the connection.