T21 charger not charging

Hi, my T21 charger suddenly stop charging last week after 5 months purchased. Not even its green lights are turned on no more. What can I do about it?

Have you tried a different cable to rule out that the one you’re using hasn’t gone faulty?

Yes, I have. Still…

I passed on my T21’s because I have to many earbuds so my troubleshooting help is basic as I can’t test myself.
What do you use to charge the case, a charger or USB port on the computer… Do you keep the earbuds in the box when charging…
At the end of the day, the T21’s are budget earbuds so I would just send them in for a warranty replacement if the basic troubleshooting doesn’t give you a result.
I would plug them into a low power USB port overnight
with the buds in the case, if no go… Then return them

I tried to charge it everywhere… computer, outlet, USB hub, overnight charging… I’ll try to send it to be replaced. Thank you, anyway!

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