T18NC 89 Quid and free shipping

I couldn’t help it at 89 usd with free shipping, had to have a pair of them :grin:



It a very good deal… $50 bucks saving :metal:

50 actually :grin:

Lol… Thank you @JSH1973:innocent:

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Great saving :sparkling_heart:

10-25 days shipping though but it is always nice to have something to look forward to :grinning:

It’s like waiting for xmas :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just got the shipping email this morning so they are on the way :sunglasses:
I’ve been waiting since early in the year for a sale/deal to come up on these that would actually ship it to UK/Ireland so I’m totally delighted, exchange rate taken into account it turns out 82-83 Euro.
That’s quite possibly the cheapest TWS Earbuds with ANC on the market right now.

I’d say that is about right! They’re really nice - certainly hope they live up to expectations :smiley: