T18 Wireless Headphones - Now Available in the US - 20% Off!


Our brand new, beautifull designed Wireless Headphones are currently available on US Amazon with 20% off!


Slick, amazing battery life and superb sound make these a very attractive purchase at less than $140 RRP. :slight_smile:

Grab your pair now!

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And the do ship to UK as well.
Not free shipping though but with the discount and if you really want them now, it’s not to bad

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Yeah that’s right. Its a great price for very good quality ANC wireless earbuds :slight_smile:

Is this official also?

I got an additional 15% off coupon code clicking your link :slightly_smiling_face:

Additional? So you got 35% off? :money_mouth_face:

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Did you place an order?

I didn’t place the order as I’m broke but I went through the order process except payment and it ended up 92.96 usd and FREE SHIPPING

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I think the discount code is generic so you can try

Yep, 92.65 usd, just a shame I still can’t afford it this month :joy:

Maybe next month :+1::+1::+1:

I’m sure there will be deals coming up again on a regular basis so it’s not a big disaster :+1:

For sure, and if not, you can wait till Black Friday :+1:

They must be one of the few ANC ones that you can get for less than a hundred anyway.

Great deal… thank you @Dane_AUKEY @JSH1973

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You’re welcome! If you grab a pair, please do let us know what they’re like :smiley:

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