T18 ANC Wireless Headphones - Youtube Review

Informative review here for those keen to check out our T18 ANC Wireless Headphones!

For more product info, use the link below :slight_smile:


I like Gamesky’s reviews, they are usually very thorough without waffling on a awful lot like many YouTubers do just to make their video longer, I tend to loose patience with that :joy:

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Ha yeah…15 mins in and you’re debating at stopping the video. :laughing:

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It takes me a lot of self control to watch a review of earbuds. After buying & trying so many bands these past 5 years to find the perfect ones, I’ve come up with a checklist that mostly requires yes/no answers, because many times the reviewers focus on the “headline” specs and forget to mention the areas that become noticeable after extended use.

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That’s very true…
I’ve found that there just isn’t a one size fits all my needs, when it comes to earbuds, having 2 or 3 different pairs is the way to go for me.
Quality listening time at home pair
Random stuff like YouTube and news pair
Out and about pair

You’re not wrong. They do give certain angles, and miss out stuff.

What is your checklist - would love to know. I’m sure people here in the Community would benefit from it :slight_smile:

And welcome! @Financetx

Here’s a preliminary checklist I’ve been coming up with. It doesn’t have a necessary hierarchy, because some earbuds can be missing some of the aspects. I guess the go/no-go decision is based on the cumulative results of the answers.

Let me know what you think. Also, thanks for the welcome!
I’m copying and pasting from a word.docx, as well as attaching the second page as a picture.

Checklist for Wireless Earbuds

  1. Are they waterproof? Y/N
    a. If yes: see attached chart next page
    i. IP64:
    ii. IP65
    iii. IP66
    iv. IP67
    v. IP68
  2. Do the earbuds have an app associated with them?
    a. If yes
    i. Can the app add hearing profiles
    ii. Can the app track exercise
    iii. Does the app have custom hearing
  3. Is there a hear through option while listening?
    a. Is there a windscreen option to make hear through efficient?
  4. Can the earbuds be controlled by touch as well as an app?
    a. Are the touch controls complicated?
    b. Is there a way to customize controls
  5. Is there integration with Siri, Alexa, the other one?
    a. NOTE: This is just an added benefit, not a deal breaker
  6. Do the earbuds come with comfortable tips that fit
    a. Are the tips molding or cushioned
    b. Do they fit properly
    c. Can I exercise or do other strenuous activities without falling out
  7. Is the case small enough to comfortably fit in my pocket
    a. Could my wife fit the case in her pocket
    b. Will the case break if my wife drops it
  8. Is the battery life sufficient to use at work? = 3.5hrs<
    a. Is the battery life with charger enough for travel? Using charging case =14hrs<
  9. Are the earbuds tough enough
    a. Can they fail out of my ear and not be destroyed on concrete? 6’3” drop

IPXX Rating Chart for Reference

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Going by that check list I would say the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus or Jabra Elite Active 75t :slightly_smiling_face:

Very thorough list there!

Item 6c is the critical one that no one else can tell you in a review. And is why I tend to lean towards ear loops, because they can work without being a perfect fit otherwise. These are like shoes in many ways, you can know what “size” you are, without being able to say whether a given pair will fit well. One reason I think shoe stores will endure in spite of internet options.

Problem with ear buds is that no one will accept someone else’s tried on pair - so they just have lots of tips, but even there some tip styles are secure in some ears and not in others.

We need an ear scanner. That can make a standard model of your ear, and then the headphone manufacturers can publish their exact models, and an app can compare the two and let you know which styles will work for you. But that might be a ways off…

@Financetx Very thorough list indeed! Thanks a lot for sharing :slight_smile:

Made this a Wiki so other users can find this of use! :clap:

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