T16 Wireless Headphones Review - What do you think?

Check out the review by this Youtuber on our T16 Wireless Headphones.

Anyone own the T16s?

What’s your thoughts…:thinking:

Micro usb and only up to 3 hour battery is very 2018 if you ask me but then again, they are under 50 quid so you can’t have it all.
They would definitely be just fine using for commuting in/out of town on the bus for me, but going on holidays I would want something different.

Yes, they’re not our most recent ones - T21s are - but these are still great for a budget-friendly pair of earbuds :smiley:

Under $50 is always a solid breakpoint, but without giving the brand, my current tws buds were 35 on sale (from 50) and had a 5 hour per charge operation. The battery life without an upgrade would have me seat these closer to $25-35 without any applied discounts and be hard to pull the trigger unless mine die. Features would be my driver to spend money when I do not need to.

Makes sense. Its a tough one to call, with these being slightly older.

The T21s are a great option, but other brands are equally offering better and better TWS - its a tough market, plenty of good options for us to select from!!

Great review but I have a pair that is $59 but is on sale all the time for under $50. They have 7 hrs of playback and 40 hrs of standby case power.

To be more competitive the price needs to drop about $10.

Oh nice, that’s pretty decent then!

40 hrs is good with the case, how’s the sound quality on those? :thinking:

excellent. The sound quality isn’t up there with the 100+ range but good. It even has some decent base. I like the ones I have because I can go almost all day on one charge. Then charge for 10 minutes get another 1 hour of play of back.

I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a newer pair of Aukey TWS and see how they compare to some of the premium brands.

That is good then - good balance between practicallity and sound quality. Nice!

The t21s are decent for the price, I like them. Equally, the t10s is good too. Keep your eyes peeled for any deals on our TWS :smiley:

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