Surface Pro 7 cursor freezes

I have the Aukey PA-D3 & using it to charge Microsoft Surface Pro 7. After charging for a while, the cursor freezes and/or disappears. When I unplug from USB-C, the cursor is fine. I also don’t have this issue when charging with the Microsoft power source. Any ideas how to resolve? Thanks.

Are you using the same charging cable from both power supplies? Just to make sure the charger is the only variable.


@NiceM As TahaEng said, please test with other cables and let us know. If you can tell us the result here, I’ll have support get back to you about this issue :+1:

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Thank you. I’ll be looking to borrow someone’s USB-C to USB-C cable today & test.


I wonder if your surface pro recognise the plugged in charger as as external device, on my chromebook when I use it in tablet mode the virtual keyboard won’t pop up if I have the Bluetooth mouse dongle plugged in.
(not an Aukey device)

I borrowed a cable today (hadn’t ever been used). Surface Pro 7 was around 60% when I started to charge. It seemed to do fine until it neared full charge. The cursor would disappear/freeze. If I unplugged USB-C cable the cursor would come back. I ordered a new cable which will hopefully arrive tomorrow. I’ll then allow Surface Pro 7 to drop to around 20 - 30% battery & then charge with new cable. I’ll report back after that. Thanks again.

Hmm that is really quite strange.

Please do contact us at for more help.

I’ve also asked our team to look into this. :pray:

I’d like to share what resolved my Surface Pro 7 issue. It was NOT an issue with Aukey charger. I contacted Microsoft after ruling out the cable & then using my Bluetooth mouse. The mouse had zero issues with cursor freezing/disappearing. This prompted my call to Microsoft & clearly proved to me that your device was working fine. There was a corrupt driver(s) that scan resolved & a hard reset of the Surface Pro 7 seemed to resolve the issue. Thanks for taking the time to help me. Have a great day.


That’s great to hear, I’m really happy to see that you had the problem resolved :slight_smile: Thanks for the update.