Support form not working

Can anyone help me?
I am trying to submit an issue on the support form (from the page
but I am unable to open a ticket, all I am getting is a popup saying “the operation failure”.
All the fields are filled in.
Any help appreciated.

If you face trouble while registering on our website for warranty, please don’t be worried.
It doesn’t influence your warranty.
If you have any issues about the product, you can contact us with your order ID.

I am also having trouble submitting a support form. I have put in all of my information and keep getting the same rejection notification “the operation failure.” How else can one submit a “contact us” support ticket? My new EP-T21 earbuds are not working properly.

Please can you help me with my AUKEY Wireless Headphones Bluetooth 5 Earphones. The sound in the left is much softer than the right.

The EP-T21 are scam earbuds, there are not working on Windows 7!!