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Hi. Please I need help to setup my WDN3, that I know it was retired from the market (don’t know why). I am NOT looking for a refund. I am just looking for help. Or maybe official documentation. My problem is very simple. The ssd disk that I insert into the bay is not recognized. This means, I can’t reproduce any videos. Even though the disk is correctly recognized when I connect the WDN3 to my PC. I include some photos. Thanks for your help.!

Hi @luiscperu

Unfortunately, I’m unable to help but our CS team will be in touch :slight_smile: @Kelly_AUKEY

Ok, I will be waiting for @Kelly_AUKEY help.

Hi Luiscperu, I can’t find any information for this WDN3,Please contact our service team at

I am still waiting a solution for a product that I barely used. Please is there anyway to reset my device in order to properly work ?

There’s no such model called WDN3. Where did you get this thing?

Then I should have dreamed instead !!!


Please would you mind, helping me to reset my device. I need a utility to do it. Please read carefully the topic.

Thank you.

Please contact our service team at

Please contact our service team at

I have done so, many times, but no response, Please is there a way to contact, someone at AUKEY in order to help me ? They are requesting the invoice for a device I’ve bought through amazon a long time ago.

The facts are that I own this product, but I barely used and I want to use it now. My posts tell exactly what the problem is, but nobody at AUKEY seems to be willing to help really.

Hello every body, I’m new here - this is my first post…

I have the same device (WD-N3) and encounter the same error : no disk available for sharing !!!
One more detail : the HD/SSD is available when connected through the USB3 port, so the problem seems to be from the firmware ? My current version is : AUKEY-V07ADR11.032.26 (Oct 31 2014)
Anybody can help ??? instead of just thrashsing the device !!!

Thank you

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Thanks God, that another user dnk is having the same problem.

By the way I have gotten into a conclusion that AUKEY has retired WD-N3 from the market due a tremendous product failure.

What is worst, they have done so, without informing the users, There is no reference in AUKEY web site related to that product.

I hope this can serve for Aukey support, to give us any kind of help.

I currently used this device for home streaming.

PS: Don’t trash this device, if you can ask for a refund.

take a loook at this:

Regards, I you can please let me know if you found any help.