Support@aukey not working

I keep trying to file a support ticket for a problem I’m having with my EP-T10s, however no matter what I do I keep getting a “network is not stable” notification, telling me to “please contact” which is literally what I’m trying to do and it’s not working, I even tried filing a ticket for this problem with the support ticket. I’ve filled in every blank, and my internet is stable. Why is this happening, is there a way to fix it? I really need to contact support.
I’m also having trouble with product registration, as again, I fill in every blank and keep getting a “something went wrong, try again or contact”, which, as I said above, is also giving an error, so there is no way to contact support at all, which has brought me here at this point.

Note: I saw a past post about this issue and now know it is known and to email with all the relevant information.
I also saw a post that stated if you bought the earbuds from amazon (I have) the 24 month warranty should already be activated.
Are these both true?

Edit: I sent an email to for my main problem a few minutes ago. I hope this resolves my problem.

Hi @Bluejay

Yes, you’re right. We are aware of the issue.

As you bought the warranty from Amazon, we have a record of it - so you’re all good to go!