SpaceX | The Historic Launch 🚀

Crew Dragon Endeavour approaches the ISS.

Image: NASA / SpaceX

With SpaceX’s historic launch, successfully reaching the ICC on Sunday, a new realm opens to private companies - Space.

What do you think will happen now for the US’s Space Program and for the future of space travel with other companies such as Virgin Galactic & Blue Origin fast on their heels.

Let us know your thoughts about yesterday’s momentous day! :rocket:


Well if somebody had told you in the year 2000 that in 20 years we would all have these powerful computers in our pockets, you probably would have called them a bit nuts, just imagine what the next 20 years will bring (forget about virus for a few minutes)
Not that I see me sunning myself on Mars anytime real soon it’s probably not to far fetched that there will be a colony there in the next 10-15 years.

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Absolutely. It’s kinda insane to think the things in our pockets have more computing power than the rocket that took people to the moon.

With the developments coming thick and fast, as you say, who knows what kind of colonies or life could be accomodated in space. :thinking:

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We all watched the live stream for the lift off and next proceedings, was truly wonderful!

Would like to see Human Missions to Mars happen in most of our lifetime :slight_smile:


We tried to watch the first launch - ended up being at the pool during the second, but some watched on small devices. Planning to watch the replays on youtube with the family this evening.

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Years later we will see nuclear powered cars or phones even.

As long as that nuclear powered phone isn’t a Galaxy Note 7 it will be alright :joy:


lmao :rofl:

That would be weird, walking around with a mini nuke in your pocket :laughing: :bomb:

With everything going on now… I would rather see more action in Space than on ground … :eyes: :rofl:


Taking social distancing to a whole new level I guess.

It is interesting to me - this rocket is much cheaper, more reusable, etc. But the basic image of a rocket flying off on a tower of flame to space hasn’t changed much since rocketry was invented. We haven’t come up with anything really new in that space in a LONG time.


The era of Star Trek, photon torpedoes and other interesting Sci-Fi creations haven’t come close to being reality.

I did read about how they’re looking at using solar wind to move future spacecraft, but who knows! At least it’s a step in the right direction. :rocket:

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Yes, but that is only relevant outside of the gravity well, the acceleration over time is what helps there - instantaneous force is negligible.

I like the nuclear propulsion idea, but fallout means that is only relevant to deep space and it still looks like a rocket basically…

A space elevator would be a truly gamechanging project. But that is going to take some real advances in material science, and a politically stable location on the equator - there aren’t really any of those today.

No, certainly not. Especially with the current world situation.

Seems like an interesting idea though. Nice share :smiley: