Space Bar Popped off Keyboard

Hi I bought the [AUKEY Mechanical Keyboard with Blue Switches, RGB Backlit 104-Key Gaming Keyboard with Preset and Customizable Lighting Effects for PC & Mac Gamers] on July 11, 2017 via Amazon. My cat knocked the keyboard off the desk and the space bar popped off. I can’t find it anywhere. Believe me, my husband and I have both looked. We think the cat ran off with it and squirreled it away somewhere.

Is there anyway I can buy a new space bar? I really can’t afford to buy a whole new keyboard right now. It’s REALLY a pain to type without the bar and I love my keyboard.

I’d really appreciate the help!

Mel Meister

That’s just so funny… Sorry but :joy:
I kinda doubt you will find a spare space bar for a keyboard more than two years old, maybe if you find the same keyboard on Ebay being sold as spares or something similar.