Something different from electronics discussion.. How about driving and parking!

We discuss and talk a lot about electronics, latest Smartphone, tablets, chargers, wireless charging and more…

How about some discussion talk about driving and parking…

Do you like long drives, scenic drives or just the short drive to school / shopping / work?

How about parking… are you comfortable doing a parallel parking or do you prefer the spacious parking spaces :grin:

Do put your comments below


Good topic. I’m a big fan of driving, nice winding back roads are the best. I also prefer cars with manual transmission, only cars I’ve owned.

Not a huge fan of parallel parking but I can do it when needed.

Now that cars and tech are combining, it’s a great time.


Driving to me is a necessity to get through to move from point A to point B, and not a pleasure or anything special. I will be very happy to move to full self driving cars.

But in the meantime, nice to see another manual owner on board. I have had automatics, but definitely not as good in my mind. Something about being able to roll start my car if I have to is really valuable.

If I wanted to parallel park, I would live in a city. As it is, I do it about once in a blue moon. Either live in a place with enough space for cars, or skip the car altogether.


I do like driving and don’t mind a bit longer trips, but my car is mostly about getting from A to B but my motorcycle it’s about the journey itself mostly.
My current car is a manual unfortunately, my previous one was an automatic and after having that for 4 years I never thought I would have a manual again (I got my current one really cheap)
As for parking, well bumpers are for… Bumping :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I rarely drive, but I love getting out into the open and finding amazing roads or simply having the freedom to stop and enjoy a nice vista.



I like driving long distances if I had a good company and visiting scenic places. But most of the time ended up driving A to B and city roads, hate to do that but necessity. One day I would like to see self driving cars :star_struck:


@CK-Techie Great topic! Nice to see some other discussion other than electronics!

I don’t have to go far for as anything I need as I live in a suburb in the city. I am close to family, my child’s school, my doctor, and even my work. So, I am not in the car for long periods of time unless I am visiting friends out of town, or need to travel to my wife’s workplace.

When I do have to pick up my daughter or travel distances over five minutes, I pack a power bank and my AUKEY T21s I received the other day (review in next day or two!), so I can listen to music.

As far as parking, I’m more comfortable parking regularly, but I can do parallel parking if need be–I just don’t like to because of how difficult it can be at times. If I were traveling to the city with friends and we didn’t want to deal with parking, I would probably call an Uber or Lyft vehicle to pick us up.


Great reading on fellow members about driving and parking :+1:

I work remote most of the time and drive kids to school… love to go on long drives, road trips, like the scenic-winding roads, mostly like the ones on Redwood forests or the CA-1…

Sometimes we plan random during weekends, just get into car with kids and food packed, keep driving… Last week we ended up in Napa valley :sweat_smile:

Parking… being in a crowded city, I am comfortable with parallel parking and regular spacious parking… now who doesn’t love spacious parking :slight_smile:.

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