Software for GM-F4

I just bought the GM-F4 gaming mouse, but haven’t been able to find the software for the mouse for customization and such. Is a link available?



Check out this :slight_smile:

This is the link that I originally checked, and as of 7/21 the only version available for download is for the F3 model. Please advise. Thank you for your reply.

Did you try the software? Did it work?

I’ll connect with someone who should know :slight_smile:

I downloaded the software for the F3 model but it was not compatible. Please keep me updated on what you find! Thanks.

Please contact our service team at

Well… I’m still waiting for the service support team to my emailed question about this very GM-F4 software and where to get it.

Any way to get this software? Thanks!

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Im having the same issue... I just want the manual in PDF and I can´t find it anywhere. Btw, is there a shortcut to lock the buttons or is it a bug Im having from time to time? The buttons and the LED get locked and I can`t click on anything, but the pointer still moves…

When I click the left button and the extra middle button at the same time, all the buttons get locked but the pointer still moving. Obviously this is an engineering error, cause the extra middle button works as a double left click and when you use it at the same time as the left button everything stop working except pointer. Can I resolve it installing the software? Maybe replacing the function of the extra middle button? Where is the software? Not here (

Hello, I am tyring to find the GM-F4 Software and i cant find it :frowning:


I did a quick search and didn’t find anything either except one Amazon listing said the software is only compatible with Windows.
Please drop back here if you find anything and obviously also to check if anyone else did, people here are quite good at helping out :slightly_smiling_face:

lo encotraste

Thanks for much for sharing that. :pray:

Is the software nathan sent safe? Windows blocked it because the creator is unknown and i am scared it could be a malware or something…

Hopefully it is safe, I’m not sure how to check but I haven’t downloaded it either, but you are probably very right about being cautious about downloading exe files

Here is the file.

It will help reduce any concerns with the file that was previously shared - which has now been deleted, not that it seems malicious, but for best practices, it’s better to come from us.


Has anyone tested this link? It feels suspicious that their proprietary software is a google drive downloadable .exe file.

I understand it is coming from a Community Manager who is posting, but is there a way to add this downloadable file to your official website so it feels a bit more secure? Or change the program publisher name to Aukey instead of “Unknown Publisher.”

I think these types of changes will help give other people a little more peace of mind as malware is everywhere.


I just wanted to let everyone know that I tested the .exe -file and it’s safe. The program works and now I can manage the buttons, colors, and everything else for my mouse.