So, How Many Do YOU Use?

I received my daily ZDNet newsletter in my inbox, and another article caught my eye. I wrote a previous post before about one of their bloggers using magnetized power cables to plug the magnet tip into the power bank or wall adapter instead of the device. Today, David Gerwirtz brought up an interesting question, not only to some of the staffers at ZDNet but also on social media.

The question was, “How many computers do you use?”

We talk about USB hubs, wall adapters, and power banks, and it got me thinking to ask the same thing here.

I use two computers and my mobile phone. I have an Acer Aspire laptop that I use most of the day for email, web browsing, and chat on some platforms (I don’t do a ton of social media at the moment. I took a sabbatical because I was using the time off to work on some projects.) I have a micro-PC stick that is running Windows 10 and has Wi-Fi built-in and an HDMI port, a USB 3.0 port, and a microSD card slot. I also have a Logitech Bluetooth keyboard that I can take with me. It’s nice to have the micro-PC for streaming media, and doing basic PC things on it. It has a decent amount of storage, and the microSD slot opens more for storage, but all-in-all it is closer to an inexpensive Chromebook than anything. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S10 that I recently purchased, jumping ship away from Apple (don’t ask), and I have liked the functionality of it, and it has a large amount of space on it as well. When I initially started using it, I was primarily on it all the time, using it as a computer. You can imagine that I would have to plug it into a power bank when I drained most of the power from it. I was making purchases, writing, emailing, playing games, chatting, calling people, writing to-do lists, etc. It became a point that I needed to pull away from the phone and utilize my computer more. So, now I use my Aspire as my primary source, with the other two as backups.

So, my question to all of you, since we all need our hubs, power banks, and wall chargers, “How many computers do you use?” :thinking:

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:clap: - Love this.

It’s a great point…I just have one computer, but I personally feel that my phone essentially acts as a 2nd computer as I do the vast majority of ‘light’ work from a phone - checking emails, replying, researching, notes etc.

But when it comes to heavier work, my laptop is essential.

I’m not a huge fan of apple products, not because I think they’re bad - but more because I don’t like the UI, so Windows / Android are my go-to devices.

I imagine a lot of people have ‘2 computers’, either their phone or a laptop + desktop - hubs and other devices will certainly be useful, the more we have extra devices.

@Dane_AUKEY, when I had my iPhone X, it was my primary device. I had everything I needed on it, including note programs, word processors, access to my WordPress sites, etc. I would use my MacBook for watching YouTube videos half the time, and would only do long posts on WordPress or when I worked for I rarely used it except to save pictures too. No one was using the MacBook Mini unless necessary. I even used the crappy iPad mini I had that was supposed to have 16 GB of space, but because of a manufacturing issue on their part, I only really had around half of that space available. I was constantly uploading and downloading apps to make space and get what I needed from the cloud. It was a little ridiculous. I am trying to use the computer more and spend less time on the phone so that I can increase my productivity, which seems to have helped. I am happy I switched to PCs and Androids, and I don’t think I will make that switch again.

Thanks for the applause on the post. I appreciate the compliment. :+1: :smiley:

I hear ya! I’ve ways been a windows guy, but I totally know what you mean about productivity - being on the computer/laptop is far easier to stay focused and get stuff done, rather than being on the phone.

I also know the feeling of having ‘16 GB space’ when the drive is formatted horribly and you realise you have half that…long gone are those days I feel, especially with SSDs becoming the norm.

What I love is that the Mac mini I had was filled with 128 GB of space. I bought a USB 3.0 drive that is the size of my thumbnail. My entire drive is now plugged into my Acer Aspire as a second hard-drive with my backup. :laughing:

Another thing about technology that impresses me. I read a story about a company, I think Intel or IBM, that took the original 1978 Superman The Movie starring the late Christopher Reeves and copied it onto a plate of glass! That’s freaking amazing and ironic, considering that The Phantom Zone is represented as a plate of glass in the movie! :laughing:

I take it back. It was Microsoft. Huh.

I have two full computers I use regularly - laptop for work, and personal desktop / server. But my phone is basically a 3rd one. And my Xbox One S is effectively another one (full web browsing capabilities). The Roku is a limited purpose version, but still pretty capable.

So that is 5 on a daily basis. Not counting all the other people’s devices in the house, that I occasionally use and regularly maintain if necessary.

The first computer that was “mine” and not my parents was an early iMac - G3 DV SE. Cost about $1400 at the time, spent about the same on my first used car. Whopping 13GB hard drive was why I wanted that version, the lesser models had 4 or 6GB. I bought 10 zip disks and a zip reader to get an extra GB (100MBs each) to be able to transfer files around

The film club at our school had the budget for a camera OR a phone their first year - so we agreed they could get the camera and use my computer / iMovie for editing. That 13 GB hard drive filled up fast.

By the time they used their next year’s budget on the next gen version of that imac, it came with a 40GB hard drive. I bought an 80 and did a drive replacement on my iMac two years later, and it survived about 6 years total, by the end it felt quite slow and limited. Progress was very rapid for a little while there - now it has slowed down enough that a 4 or 5 year old machine still does basically everything I need. Even laptops.

1 MacBook, 1 iPad, 1 ThinkPad, an iPhone 7, and a Pixel 3 XL. I used to call cellphones computers because let’s face it, they are. I use my 2 of my old Nexus 5’s as security camera monitors and my Pixel XL as an IPTV remote control. I am using them all equally as they all each perform tasks better than others. It’s hard to keep them all charged and in working order. My kids only need iPads and PlayStation, where my mom only needs her cell phone. My girlfriend is one that tries to do everything on her phone and eventually ends up using a computer when she has to. So I lost count but at least 12. Firesticks and Android TVs are a whole different story. Thanks to Aukey, everything is organized and charged and may I add looking good :wink:

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I build PCs so I have a fast Windows 10 desktop as my main computer.
I also own an Asus laptop which I rarely use.
Than there’s my iPad Pro 11" which I use all day, daily. And an Android smartphone.

My main computer, if you consider it one, is a Lenovo Chromebook S340. I don’t require anything intensive, so it easily gets the job done. I really enjoy Chrome OS, don’t see the need at the moment for Windows or Mac. At work I have a Dell all in one desktop, but I guess I don’t “own” that one. Most of my online actions take place through my phone, Pixel 3a. I definitely find it convenient to complete tasks with something already in my pocket. I would love to have more powerful devices, but honestly for what I need them for it’s not worth the extra money.

I’m keeping it simple these days, my main device is my Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G for which I also have a desktop setup as in monitor/keyboard/mouse so I can use it in DeX mode, besides that I have an Asus C434 Chromebook.