SmartWatch on the way?

@Dane_AUKEY I found this online earlier looking for something else, you guys working on a smartwatch finally? The external photos look great.

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I think it is more like a fitness band with earbuds, I have seen similar items just not Aukey branded.
I Googled Wearbuds and found a couple of different ones

Agreed, thinking along the lines of a galaxy active device personally. I dont really need to get texts on my phone, but pedometer, HR and other functions is something I always look for since I dont own an apple their watch is out.

I had a headset that was a pedometer with earbuds from Aukey a few years ago. Neat concept, but I didn’t like the fit much at all, ended up giving it away. I think it was basically these:

But if they could get a good heart rate monitor and step tracker into a lighter design today, that would be cool.

If you click the link and go to external photos its definitely a watch with enough mass to not just be a pedomoter (the screen is just too large to not multitask, would be a waste)

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I like the concept, you don’t need to carry extra case for the buds and you will get a bonus watch that does few extra things like Heart rate, messages, alarms, call alert pretty much a smart watch less-ECG

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It’s already an actualised product by Aipower which is a subsidiary of Aukey.
It’s wearbuds, I followed the Indiegogo campaign and now it’s been sold on Amazon and their site.

Those were the ones I found too.
You can get 40 quid off and free shipping
Discount code 40WEARBUDS

Nice find ha.

Yeah, as @Thresh pointed out - it’s a subsidiary. I know very little about it except when it launched.

I believe the sub-brand is only involved. I like the idea though

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I like the idea too. Very innovative.

Nice detective work there. That AIpower logo is also the Aukey “adaptive charging” branding. Interesting to me that it is also a full subsidiary company as well.

Their Rona magnetic attaching rechargeable night lights look cool too. The alexa enabled car charger I don’t see as much use for, although all the other specs on it look nice. Just not the total price, when the rest of the features can be had much more affordably.

The watch looks interesting. But a bit on the bulky side for me.

Bulky was what I was thinking as well, not something I would wear all the time or at night for sleep monitoring either.
However, they would be quite handy if there’s no pockets in your tight running gear and so on, but you would really only use it for daily exercise then.