Silent on pairing issue ep-n5 . Yo Aukey! u there?

obviously an issue with ep-n5 pairing both buds … WHY IS there NO ANSWR STATEMENT DIRECTION FROM Aukey. Community has 0 answrs. too big profile on Amazon for dime store customer service… pissin me off 2+ hours on dumb shit

I raised an issue regarding this, and they sent me a new pair.

Good customer service, but what then happens if the new pair stop connecting to eachother?

There must be a fix for this issue.

ok. several Posts “Aukey is silent”… only to see message less 12hrs later. well. in future (all companies) allow the process, customer service, play out before i trash Company policies. mildly put , only fair, apologize for wrongfully saying “no help” started/cancelled return ep-n5 left earbud , not pairing (use w/ iphonexr) issue ,solved. have no idea how began pairing again. 8 weeks ago.

Hi @tuddy215,

Thanks for joining the Community. Could you please tell us what is your problem?

Hi @knibbzy,

Have you tried to reset the earbuds? Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Press both headphones for 5 seconds to turn them off.
  2. Press the two earphones for 15s, they will turn on and then turn off again.
  3. Return both earbuds to the charging case and close the lid. The headphones will reset.
    (every time you switch the device to connect your earbuds, you need to erase the pairing history) For example, you switch from your phone to your computer.

Hi Chester. Thank you for replying.

I contacting customer service and a new pair were set out.

Nothing seemed to work with the old ones.

Hi @knibbzy,

You are welcome, please feel free to talk here if you have any more questions regarding AUKEY’s products. Have a nice day.