Share YOUR YouTube Channel(s) or Blog(s)!

We all enjoy watching YouTube/reading blogs, so let’s share them.

Here is my channel - [GraphicFlow] (Tap to visit :eyes:)

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to your YouTube channel or blog, take a screenshot, copy the URL, and share it with us!
I can’t wait to check out your channel or blog


Nice! Good channel - why not review an AUKEY product that you have and share it on your channel?

We can check it out and give it our support! :wave:

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Hopefully soon. One of my family members borrowed the Aukey powerbank from me and have not returned it. :angry:

Hopefully they return it soon then! Look forward to more reviews from you :smiley:

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Ok, Let’s try this. I run an online TV network that features Original Independent Web Series. Our website contains all the good stuff, while our Youtube channel has the trailers & we are currently uploading Behind The Scenes Clips & more…

And in February we have a new Logo & new site launching alongside some really great new & returning series.


I run a YouTube channel called “T is for Tech”, also a website

I’ve done some reviews on various Aukey stuff in the past.


I don’t have my tech review/productivity blog up yet, but I do have a comic book site called Dazzling Comics, where I focus on theories, independent publishers and Golden Age stuff, and Memory Stock, a Tumblr hub I use to post pictures using a working 2002 Sony DSC-P7 Cyber-Shot digital camera, and add something thought provoking, comical, etc. to it.

Definitely check them out!


Glad to hear you’ve reviewed some of our products in the past. Seems like you’re an active reviewer!! What’s some of the best products you’ve reviewed recently?

I been trying to be more active in social media, but something I learn is that Youtube can be really demanding when it comes to editing. Here is my channel, so far I only got one review, but one more person subscribe I promise to make a few more videos.


@Tugar32 nice channel! You deffo should create more videos, especially when Aukey launch the testing program. Subscribed


@Heatsource not bad, like the look of the site!

@tisfortech Great channel and I love the look of the website. Clean

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@abielert your channel looks interesting

Thanks! I’m going to post another pic later today on Memory Stock, and I’m dreading my project of Marvel movies on Dazzling Comics…I may try to sneak in a preview or review of an independent creator-owned comic while I’m at it.

We’ll see. :smile:


Thanks, I appreciate that.

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@graphicflowyt Just checked your YT Channel. Very nice and I love how informative you are about your reviews! Very slick! I subscribed to the channel and liked the PD charger review video of the best choices! :+1:

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Okay, @Tugar32! I’m holding you to it! I subscribed, so now you HAVE to make another video! :smiley: I know I don’t have a YouTube presence yet, but one thing I remember is to always shoot in landscape, which you mostly did, but very informative video! A lot of you are lucky to be able to shoot from above. I am working out my studio/study right now, so I’m probably going to have to DIY a PVC rig to shoot from above with a phone. Gotta do whatcha gotta do, you know? Great video! You already made the first step and made a video, so I commend you for that. Congrats! :+1: :smiley:

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Thanks for taking the time to watch my video. I had improvised with the shoot from above I had to use one of this

I don’t recommend to use this devices. My cellphone was to heavy for the holder.

By the way your Website looks great. Looking forward for new stuff on your site. Its there a way we can get newsletters when you post something new? Let me know.

I will try to drop a new video this weekend.

Again Thank you.

@tisfortech If you couldn’t guess, I’m going through everyone’s YT channels! I also checked out your site! Very clean! I watched your review of the Aukey Dimmable Lamp, and I like your setup! Very clean background, utilizing one of those customizable signs (I may have to steal that from you! LOL), and just a nice clean area. I have two questions, one I think you might be able to answer, and the other I may have to go to another part of the community to ask:

  1. Does the Dimmable lamp work with smart home devices? Have you tested that out?

  2. Off topic: I saw you reviewed some DJI items, one being the DJI Pocket. Have you used the Osmo Mobile 3 gimbal, and what are your thoughts on that? If you’ve done a video, can you put a link to it and I will watch it? Thanks in advance! New subscriber!

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I’ll look to see if there is a way to set up a newsletter on the site! Thanks for letting me know how you did the filming. It helps other starting creators like us know what to stay away from when we make our videos!

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