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We’d love to see some of your photos, featuring AUKEY products - be it a cool desk setup with our hubs, or you out and about sporting some of our wireless earbuds, or even, a nice shot with our #aukeylens


I have the AUKEY Touch-Sensitive Table Lamp with Dimmable LED Light and Memory Function, awesome lamp!


I have this lamp and love it.

When I get home from work Ill share some of my products. At some point I’ll repost my reviews here.

The more I see that lamp the more I like it, could it be used with a smart plug and Alexa or do you need to actually touch it.

it needs to be touched to on the top cap, to switch on or off. By keeping it pressed, you can increase or reduce the brightness :slight_smile:

Nice lamp! I love them too, although I don’t personally own one :smiley:
They’re great for soft lighting, such as reading as well as times that need more light.

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Clockwise from the top - an Aukey Power Strip (8 120V outlets, 6 USB) on the back of my desk. My aukey PB-N42 10000mAh power bank charging from it. An Aukey 7 port powered USB-C hub, at the moment only connecting to my keyboard and mouse, but often full of flash and hard drive connections. And an Aukey SK-M12 bluetooth speaker.

Also included are a few Aukey cables, but hard to make out the logos. That is certainly the densest collection of Aukey products in my house, although I have a few others around.


That’s what you can call a true loyalist setup :sunglasses:


Excellent words!

Great collection @TahaEng

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@TahaEng As @JSH1973 said, that’s a true fan collection right there!

As far as I can tell, Aukey no longer makes a car jump starter battery pack. But I just used mine to jumpstart our van. I can’t find a link for Amazon, but this is a video review someone else put up for reference. It has survived pretty well, still going strong after 4 years. Not quite as much oomph as it had new, but not bad for a Li-Ion battery.


That’s something I really should have in my car

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I really like the look of the lamp. Can you adjust the colour temperature?

It’s only dimmable, by tapping the top part. It is a great lamp though, I also have one on my night stand. I also have the ring one that you can change colors and patterns.

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That’s too many AUKEY products there. I’m yet to get my first one :roll_eyes:

Click the shop section and go mad :grin:


Oh that’s not bad. Would be really good if you could change the colour temperature

Well, once you do they start accumulating. I have had 2 items fail in the last 5 years, both were replaced with excellent support help. But most have just kept working, so eventually you look around and realize there are quite a few aukey products in the house.

It helps that there are 7 of us, and the devices pile up when you have 5 kids. So lots of charging and cable needs.


Yes, the requirement does go up with number of people and once you started to have good experience with one of the quality product from a genuine brand you tend to trust them and buy more products from the same brand. Same thing happens with me all the time.