SH-PA1 Not accepting polarized plug

I attempted to start a support ticket, but am getting the “The requested parameters do not meet encryption requirements” error.

I purchased a 2-pack of smart plugs and one of them will not accept a polarized plug. The openings in the plastic indicate which way to insert it, and one of the 2 accepts it just fine. No amount of wiggling or finesse seems to allow the large prong to go into the socket. Anybody else?

You aren’t the only one having that issue with logging in, there is a problem with their site right now. @Dane_AUKEY should be able to get you setup with a support ticket.

Occasionally new plugs are sticky and take some force to go in - that is true even for new wall outlets. But if it is more than that, there could be a piece of metal out of alignment inside, and in that case you would need a replacement.

Aukey should really have the Support email mentioned on the main Aukey site to get these incidents to be properly addressed, had mentioned it over other post.


Yes, that’s because we’re using a ticket system to ensure that we get to people in a timely manner.

Letting us know here too, will get the attention of our support team. I’ve passed on the info though :slight_smile:

So… I should just sit tight, or keep trying to start a support ticket?

It probably doesnt hurst to try the system once a day, just avoid anger if it doesnt work. Sounds like they know and are fixing it as fast as they can.

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If you’ve already been able to submit one, then no need to resubmit it.


@Dane_AUKEY it’s still broken, as of this morning. Is there anything else I can do to get a support ticket open at this time?


If you email this should help move things on. I have already shared your details with our customer service team, but I’m afraid if there’s a backlog, then that could be the reason for the delay as its done chronologically. :thinking:

Again though, I’ll send this info to them once more. Thanks for your patience :pray::pray: