Sale on AUKEY's 3ft USB-C to Lightning Jack cable!

iMore posted today a sale on AUKEY’s USB-C to Lightning Jack cable on sale after entering the code in the picture below.

Here is the link to the site:

And, here is the info you will need. As usual, clicking through their site to Amazon will probably give them a commission, so support them if you want to.


Nice deal … good saver

Nice share @Heatsource

Hope some people can benefit from this :smiley:

Pretty good deal for a USB C to Lightning cable. :+1:

Nice deal, my wife said no more cables for her.

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You have that many…?


I have lots and lots of cables…Mini USB, Micro USB, Lightning, USB-C … :grin:

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They easily pile up don’t they… :open_mouth:

yes, they do… have a storage box full of Gallon Ziplocks filled with cables … use them as and when I need them, been giving these away to my friends and family members… majority of these are the ones I nbought over at Amazon and BestBuy, some from ones I tested and others which came with electronics

Have an input… may be brands in future can stop providing cables for the products :smiley:

The bad ones pile up. The cheapos that are short, and charge slowly and came with something else. The good ones that charge fast and hold securely are always in short supply. They get heavily used until they fail when someone steps on them, or yanks them out of the wall, or whatever.

I hate the cheap cables in my house. There are way too many.

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I have a ton of those micro usb ones that came with something all the wrong lenght for anything really, and never gets used.

Easily happens. I have loads sitting about too…