Right earbud not charging!

Aukey True Wireless earbuds

Worked great for a month, now the right earbud is not charging. I have tried to remove earwings and cleaned case with a cloth as well as the ear bud itself. It still has not charged, I have not gotten it wet or dropped it, but still has just stopped charging for no apparent reason.

I have looked at the thread and see this is now a common problem, is there anyway to fix or receive any help from Aukey?

Hi @Scotia

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this problem. Could you tell me which model it is - EP-T10? T21?

I’ll be able to give you a better answer then. :pray:


It is the EP-T21

Okay. Thanks for confirming that.

Please check relevant troubleshooting on the forum for EP-T21. There are fixes for charging issues :slight_smile:

If none of them work, please contact us at support@aukey.com :pray:

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I have tried all the suggestions in the forum and its still not charging.

Just curious, did you by any chance put aftermarket eartips on them?
When I had my T21’s I had put on some eartips that made me have to be a little more careful when placing them back in the box.

That’s a good point. I have heard of this before.

Hi i have the same problem i used my earphones EP T21 only 5 Times and the right one can t charge anymore. I bought them one month ago and i’m vert dissapointed…

So I am having the same problem, and I emailed the address you mentioned and have still not received an answer.

Hi @jwilkin1,

Thanks for joining the community. Have you checked your email spam box?