Rewarding our Top Fans

Hey AUKEY Fans!

With the launch of The Community off to a brilliant start, we’re planning a brilliant way to reward those that contribute to this platform.

At the end of every month, we’ll be selecting the Top 3 Fans of The Community, according to the number of posts, shares, likes, engagements, threads etc that they contribute to the wealth and richness of the forum, and in doing so, we’ll give them these AWESOME prizes!

1. $100 Amazon Gift Card + An AUKEY Product
2. $50 Amazon Gift Card
3. $30 Amazon Gift Card

If the Top Fans are in other countries than the U.S, they’ll have the same value converted to their country’s Amazon, such as British Pounds for the UK or Euros for an EU country.

Let’s build a brilliant Community together, and we look forward to seeing who the top 3 fans are in January!

- Dane @ Team AUKEY



Doing it purely based on post count would be a mistake, as it encourages spamming. But assuming it factors in value in somehow (likes, etc as you mentioned), that sounds great, and should increase engagement as the community is getting started.


That is an awesome incentive to be active!


Amazing! Let’s hope for some good products to test and get this community Active!


Wow this is a great way to reward people who participate more in the community! I’m so excited for this!


Me encanta!! :corazón_brillante: :corazón_brillante: :corazón_brillante:


Thats awesome. Always loved aukey products


That’s so cool, rewarding people which use these forum.


I’m definitely down to participate. I also agree with @TahaEng that it needs to somehow take into account quality otherwise there isn’t a lot of strength in the posts just numbers, which is worth something but not necessarily as valuable.

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Well also will it take in consideration if someone won a previous month? Or can someone could be winning month after month? This could be a little discourage for some people :neutral_face:

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Now that’s a really good point. I’m sure it will be limited


Can’t wait for this program to start, sounds like a good thing

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This sounds good!!

But is there any chart or specific section which lists the user with top number of posts, shares, likes, engagements, threads etc and does this reset every month? (I am not talking about the users section but a dedicated section)

This is very much necessary so that users / members don’t have a guessing game.

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Well shoot, that looks like a reason to get involved if I ever saw one. Thanks for making a community, i have a few aukey pieces and would like to learn feedback for others.


For sure, our system has in-built spam filters and other features to check REAL engagement and active fans, so don’t worry! Its a multitude of factors


It is a very good point to make! If there was someone who constantly was the ‘top fan’, then no, it would be unfair to others as pointed out - but equally, rewarding that person for their participation is also needed.

We’ll be sure to make it fair and reward all of our Community for making this a place that has real worth, genuine conversation and fosters a sense of value for being an AUKEY Community Member.

You guys have all been awesome so far, appreciate all of your inputs!! :wave:


Unfortunately, its an admin feature - but don’t worry, we’ll announce it every month and let you all know.

The idea is for people to not focus too much on coming back to participate for the sake of a prize, but more for the people that want to be part of something - therefore, your and other peoples’ contributions will naturally be rewarded :slight_smile:


That is a new way of approaching, but a good one!

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