Review: Aukey USB-C Cable 90 Degree Right Angle (2-Pack, 6.6ft)

Beautifully constructed right angle USB-C to USB-A cable with nylon braiding and a metal casing (appears to be durable aluminum) at the ends. The cable is designed for tangle-free use & to connect my USB-C device to a USB-A port in limited space. Comes in Red & Black with a Velcro ties to keep the cables organized.

Connections are snug and the metal casing allows for a good grip when inserting or removing the cable from the USB-C/A port. I like the durable feel on the braiding. It’s built for daily use. This 6.6 foot single cable solution can backup my files or transfer pictures, music and videos while also supporting fast charging my Samsung smartphone. It’s perfect for durable applications. They also make them in 3.3 foot lengths.

If you’re listening Aukey, I’d like to see these right angle cables with USB-C on both ends. Highly recommended.



Good review and also good call for usb-c to usb-c :+1:


These are handy in tight areas and convenient to use.
Nice review again @Zed :+1:

USB-C should be the poor man’s standard, outside of Thunderbolt 3. I’d like to Type C ports on everything.

Yes. Right-angle plugs are good for tight spaces or when you keep your device close to your body. Less bends at the plug connection. But this cable would be perfect if they make them with USB-C on both ends.


Great pics!

I have these, and perfect use cases is connecting the charger in car, with limited space near the charger, these work great!


Yes perfect, the ones in my car is doing my head in, problem solved with those.


I totally have these on my order list. Very happy to see a review and know you like them. Were there any issues with cases on phones?

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No issues. As you can see, it fit with my Otterbox case on.