Review: Aukey Sprint Go Mini 10000mAh PD Power Bank

A few months ago I ordered the Aukey Sprint Go Mini 10000mAh PD Power Bank and been using it almost daily for the last month. Back in May I did a full review over on my personal website. To see my full review and more pictures check out my review.

The Review:

I purchased the Aukey Sprint Go Mini 10000mAh PD Power Bank after reading a post from one of the community managers over at the Aukey Community about a large community members only discount and free shipping for their new power bank. I ended up taking advantaged of the discounts code and ordered directly from Aukey. The shipping was delayed by almost a month. But I can’t blame them for that. I ordered the power bank when they were low on stock and had to put in another order to the factory. Then the Covid-19 global pandemic happened. I ended up receiving mine at the end of March 2020 and started using it that night!

First Impression

After looking over the power bank and the shorty USB-C cable looks to be made well. The cable is a premium cable and I found it to work as well as my premium purchased cables. The size is is a good option for handheld charging and good for hold both the charger and phone in one hand and use the other to use the phone. Its also small enough to put the power bank in a pocket or a hand bag.

The power bank is matte black on the wide sides on the narrow sides are shinny black plastic. On one side you will find to 2 USB A ports that support fast charge and a single In/Out PD port. With the right wall charger you should be able use PD and charge your devices faster than a USB-C to USB A charger cable and wall charger. As with all of Aukey’s power banks that I have gotten my hands on, they are made well but still thin and small enough to put in your back pocket or bag.


The Power Bank comes with about half charge and took about an hour and half to charge using I used a non branded Premium Wall Charger with Power Delivery. Using the power delivery port it took 3 hours to completely charge the power bank.

For my testing I did real life testing using my Samsung Galaxy Note 8. I did not use meters or software to test the power banks. So charging experiences may be different for each phone and power bank.

According to my phone’s charging status, in every case the phone always used fast charging and quickly charged my phone. Comparing the Aukey Sprint Go Mini 10000mAh PD Power Bank to other PD power banks that I have access to, the Aukey Spring Go Mini charges my cell phone at the same speeds.

  • 0 to 100% – 1 hour 35 minutes
  • 20 to 100% – 1 hour 25 minutes
  • 70 to 100% – 42 Minutes

Final Thoughts

I’m impressed with the Aukey’s new little power bank and in general all of Aukey’s power banks. They not only preform well, they also look good. Plus, they are cheaper than their competitors. The only complaint I have with this one is that its to thick and the edges are rounded. It feels a little awkward while holding the cell phone on top of the power bank. But over time, I got use to it. If I had smaller hands it may not work as well.

Nice review.

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