Review: Aukey Omnia Mix 65W Type C and Type-A

Aukey has delivered a unique 65W charging solution. It takes advantage of GaN FET techonology to enable a high power density in a small form-factor!

Size comparison between the 36W dual USB-C PD charger, model [PA-D2]


It is quite amazing what this new GaN technology allows Aukey to achieve.

Fast charging Iphone 8 plus and Surface book 2! The Surface Book 2 with approximately 50% CPU loading and still charging, there was an occasional dip in charge rate when running at 100% CPU load but this is expected. The dynamic load adjustment on the PD port reduces the overall charging speed when also supporting another device on the TYPE-A port. I was impressed to feel the charger was just slightly warm to the touch.


Aukey is leading the market in 3rd party chargers and its clear to see why! The support for both a USB TYPE-A interface and USB-C PD charging port makes complete sense. This will replace my Surface Book 2 and Iphone charger moving forward. I can’t emphasize how small this charger is. My Surface Book 2 charger is 2.5 times the size and 3/4 of the power level.

I highly highly recommend the Omnia MIX!!


Nice review man, well done :+1:
It really is amazing that just one small charger like that can handle the same or more than two bigger bricks combined

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Yeah, its quite impressive. I can’t imagine what they have cooking in their engineering labs. A dual 60W/90W USB-C PD charger would be amazing!

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I hope we’ll see PPS as well from Aukey

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PPS would be great! The USB-C standard doesn’t require USB PD 3.0 device to support it, which is lame. I know some Laptop/PC manufacturers are incorporating it on newer device USB C ports to extend battery life and optimize CC/CV profile over the battery life of the device. There are a few semiconductor vendors that have developed USB C PD controllers with PPS support, Cypress is one of them. It would make a world of a difference for mobile devices.

Nice review, great pics!

How did you add those dimensions over the pic…

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Thanks for your support~so amazing~ :grin:


Hi! New here. Been looking for a new charger from aukey and I’m glad I found this review.

Thanks for sharing


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Great to have new members :smiley:


The dimensions were overlaid using the native Ruler app on iPhone. You scan the surface to get a relative point of reference, the phone automatically detects sharp edges and generates the dimensions for common shapes. You can manually make the measurement in the app as well.

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Thanks! We are all looking forward to new product releases.

Nice little tip! Good work again :smiley:

Thanks for being a tester :+1:

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Thank you, for the opportunity!

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You’re welcome! We need more people like you to support us by giving us good feedback. Is there anything you’d like to change or improve on with the charger?

Who knows - it could be a new addition to the next round of chargers :thinking:

If you offered PPS like @JSH1973 mention, that would be a distinguishing feature across the charger market. However, I don’t see many UFP devices in the market that would benefit from it today, I suspect it will be more common in the future. Increasing the power level on the USB-C port to 85-100W’s would be great, the type-A port is perfect at 15W. I assume an e-Marked cable would be included when supporting PD power profile past the current levels. Some folks would probably like a white version of the charger. A brushed aluminum option would be cool, although thermal conductivity might be an issue for the end user. Having a single LED is great and a clean design. If you replaced the LED with maybe 3-5 micro LED’s to indicate the output power level, that would be really cool. The LED’s would be like those used on the Aukey 10000mAH USB C PD power banks. An LED would light up based on the PDO contract negotiated like 5V/3A, 9V/3A/15V/3A, etc…

If I think of other ideas, I will add to the thread.

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Thanks! Glad you found it helpful.

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Nice! I really like some of those ideas.

@Simon_AUKEY can certainly pass these points onto the rest of the Product Dev team :smiley:

We’ll be adding a 100W version to the Omnia Series range very soon - so keep your eyes peeled on that.

We did announce the full range here, via this blog. :slight_smile:

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Great review :+1: enjoyed reading it

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Great review! Thanks for sharing

Great tip! Will give it a try today