Review: Aukey Omnia Duo 65W 2-Port PD Charger

An advanced GaN Power Delivery 3.0 dual Type C port charger in an ultra-compact and efficient design. Comes with User Manual and 24 Month Warranty.

Aukey hit a homerun here with one of it’s latest “Dynamic Detect” wall chargers featuring GaN technology. The Omni Duo delivers 65W of total power thru ONE USB-C port (top port with notebook icon) or 45W + 18W in the top & bottom USB-C port respectively. It’s probably the most compact 65W charger out there. Plug the Omnia Duo into a power receptacle and the indicator lights up. Fast charge compatible with MacBook Pro, iPad Pro (that use Type C) and the latest smartphones out today. Protects against excessive current, overheating, and overcharging. I very much look forward to what’s next with GaN tech.

The charger is sleek and is made of quality craftsmanship with a matte black finish. It’s 1.2" wide, 2.3" deep, 2" tall and weighs a little over 3.7 ounces. Fits in your pocket! Great for everyday carry/travel for my iPad Pro 11" and Samsung smartphone.

Omnia Duo compared to the Aukey PA-Y11 (Right)

Compared to Anker PowerPort Atom PD 2 (Right)

EDIT. Sorry my photos below show the dimensions in mm. I forgot to switch to US Feet with my digital caliper.

The high speed Omnia Duo will replace my other two port charger due to it’s much lower profile, weight and foldable prongs. If you don’t need two USB-C ports, Aukey makes a similar model called the Omnia Mix, which has one USB-C PD port and one 2.4A USB-A port. Pair either with their excellent USB-C braided cables for a quality charging set. Recommended.



Great review! Very detailed and excellent photos.

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Excellent Zed :+1:
I kinda like the bit of shaming you do to the competition there :grin:
Even though I like Anker products too I must admit :blush:
What brand is the little watt/volt/amp meter gadget thingymajigs you have there?

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Thank you

Thanks :slight_smile:

No shaming on Anker. I like their products as well. Just showing the size difference in an earlier generation Aukey dual port charger and Anker’s current dual USB-C port charger that delivers 60W total.

The USB-C meter is made by Kavalan. I use this when conducting my tests. Reads amps, volts and wattage.

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Cheers man, just ordered one.
Kavalan is also a whisky I found out, it was all I got until I put Kavalan usb in the search :sweat_smile:

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Nice review (again :+1: ) Great photos!

compactness of Aukey Omnia Duo is awesome.

I agree, Aukey and Anker are the best brands out there, with niche product lines.

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You should order an Aukey Omnia Duo too :wink:

Thank you. And yes, I really like the compactness and the total power in one with the Omnia Duo. I can only see competitors catching up to this model :smiley:

I like both brands. Top notch products that make my life simpler.

A very detailed review. Love it! Nice work @Zed :clap:


@Dane_AUKEY Thank you sir. You guys have a fine product in the Omnia Duo. I can only see competitors catching up to this :slight_smile:


It’s an interesting product for sure. I love the new tech developments in and around charging. Saving space, hassle, energy and even $$ is a wonderful step forward for AUKEY. :smiley:

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I’ve been witnessing that. I like that Aukey has become aggressive. There are alot of players in the market and the key is to stand out with quality products that offer value and speed.

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Fantastic review, pictures are very helpful as well as size measuring

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Amazing review :+1: I like how compact the Omina Duo is compared to standard ones.

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Well done, it sounds nice, and now I wish I had put my name in the hat for the review. :slight_smile: But you did a better job than I would have on this product.

I like your tester too, thanks for the name. I don’t know if I will pick one up or not at the moment, but good to have options.


Thanks. I figured I’d size them up to chargers that I own that are comparable. The Duo’s size is pretty amazing.


Thanks :relaxed: