Review: Aukey LED Floor Lamp 12W

Well made dimmable LED floor lamp. Comes with User Manual and 24 Month Warranty.

I needed a new lamp to use next to my desk to read various manuals and paperwork, as the lighting in my home off is great for the room but not direct lighting for reading. This flat goose-neck floor lamp is excellent for readers and does the job nicely with just ONE button. Short-press the button to turn it On. Short-press again to change color balance or hue (3000K warm white light, 4500K natural white light, 6000K cool white light). Rotate to adjust brightness. Long-press to turn it off. Simple and minimal. Just the way I like it.

The 12W light is 2 1/2" wide by 7" long. The weighted base is 10 inches in diameter and the lamp is 55 inches tall. Great for the living room, bedroom, den or home office. Recommended for it’s easy of assembly, minimal look and adjustable quality of light.



Nice review there @Zed … great photos :camera_flash: :camera_flash: :camera_flash:

Nice one Zed - as usual :slightly_smiling_face:
It is in my Amazon shopping list for when they’ll ship it to Ireland again.
I really like the design

It is a nice looking lamp, and I can think of a few places where one would be useful. Good pictures and a nice review.

I actually don’t love overloaded controls (where one button does numerous tasks). Having to remember what each button does when you have different brands / ages / models that are all a little different can be harder than just having a separate mode button and on / off button.

I was shopping for one 2-3 times that bright, the equivalent of a halogen replacement with light going up instead of down. A room or two in the house could use significant brightening, but Aukey doesn’t appear to make anything in that market.

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Thanks :pray:t4:

Thanks. It’s a nice looking light. Won’t tip over and highly adjustable with the lighting and flat goose-neck. Hope they come in soon.

Really nice lamp, for me the light temperature adjustement is a must in most of my light stuff. Hope it is avaiable in Spain soon

Thanks for the review

Great lamp, photos and review :+1:

Yea, you can set the precise amount of light and color of light for reading with this lamp.

Thanks :blush:

Very nice review. I appreciate the added photos they really illustrate the lighting capabilities of this lamp. Thank you.

Glad you liked it.