REVIEW: Aukey EP-B56 Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

I’ve written reviews on quite a few different tech products with various quirks. I’ve been using these every day for 6-8hours for a week so I can say I’ve got to know them well. I’ll keep this concise and to the point so you know what you’re getting when buying these AUKEY wireless earphones.

Design & Comfort:
The earphones comes nicely packaged and sealed, so no chance of rattling throughout transit. The build quality is great - it is a lightweight in-ear set, with a few different sized ear-buds to help house your ear. I really love the little notch that sits in your ear to protect it from going too far into your ear canal. Feels quite sturdy and the controls add a good weight to the set. The most nifty thing is when you’re not using the headphones, its suave magnetic earpiece designs allow to you to connect both earpieces to form a ‘necklace,’ so you don’t have to worry about shoving them into your pocket.

Bluetooth 5.0 seems to work great in terms of seamlessness, and pairing was super easy. Just clicked on it on my Samsung and it was done! Range was about 20m for me in my house. You can even simultaneously pair with a 2nd device.

I’ve used them for working from home (mobile calls, conferencing), and in different activities (walking, running, football) and I’m very pleased to say that for 90% of the time, they stay snugly in their place. Once you start to sweat, or if you have more natural oils, then they start to wiggle a little more. You can easily clean the buds to get around this. But all in all, really really happy with the standard and convenience. They were never a pain or in the way of what i was doing either (unlike over-head headphones!).

Power/multi-function button ,Volume controls and LED indicator (Manual (in multi-languages) contains more details). I accepted/rejected calls, controlled volume and even used Bixby from the controls. My friends said the mic was very clear even when whispering. This control bar didn’t really feel heavy on me or get in my way as I was walking around, but you need to have both earphones in to make sure you’re anchored.
Sound: Was genuinely surprised by how good the sound quality is. I have always been skeptical on moving from wired to wireless, but these did not let me down. My music has a huge range of genres, and it managed to keep up pumping the lows, mids and highs. They produce a nice, crisp sound, with next to no levels of delay between video, and I tested this using web streaming. For me, bass was important - and there is a good level of bass, but also the highs are not too sharp to damage your ears. Some people often want more bass - if you aren’t happy with the default levels then a simple EQ app will help alleviate this.
For the price you are paying, the quality is great. There is a ‘but’ - sometimes there is a tiny bit of static popping if you have your phone on silent and receive a message or notification. It’s uncommon though but did happen a couple of times when WhatsApp was open.

Battery life:
They lasted me a good 6-8 hours of listening to music and making calls. My phone’s bluetooth notification panel gave me a battery status too. I think the earphones have a standby phase so they go on standby when not in use. When charging, there is a blue LED light that lets you know it’s charging and changes colour once it’s fully charged (I’m not sure what colour it is as I’m colourblind but I think it’s green lol).

Overall, a great pair of wireless earphones for a very reasonable price. AUKEY even include a 24 month warranty for peace of mind. For budget earphones, they offer a premium quality. If anyone is looking for new budget headphones, I recommend choosing these over earbuds - less likely to lose one! I’ve found it difficult to make the switch from wired to wireless - but these convinced me to start using wireless headphones regularly!

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