Review:: Aukey EP-B56 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

I have been an avid user of various brands who produce wireless headphones - Bose, Anker, Aukey, Sony and a few others, therefore I really wondered how these headphones (EP-B56) were going to compete against the others that I have previously used.
I have used these headphones over the past 2-3 weeks for around 4-5 hours a day (whilst at work standing on my feet, going for runs (30mins - 1hr), and working out in parks and gardens, so they have been used in various areas and I have got a lot of use out of them. For the RPP price of £19.99 on Amazon, these are an absolute steal. They hit the spot when it came to physical activity, with only a slight downfall which I will explain a little further down in the review. I was very very happy and genuinely surprised that I preferred them much more than some over-the-ear headphones whilst out.
So let’s begin:
The earphones arrive very neatly packaged in a small letterbox sized box, which includes the following: A short micro USB cable for charging the earphones, a user manual, a quick start guide, a pouch to keep the earphones in, 3 sets of earbuds so you can change both parts depending on your ear fit, the earphones (obviously) and a 24-month product warranty card (Love this from Aukey). After unpacking the box, I connected the earphones and within seconds, they paired with my phone and the music began! The product arrived with 100% battery therefore there was no need to charge the product before using so this allowed me to get stuck in. Sound quality wise: It is much better than I predicted. Across the board in bass, mid and treble, I was extremely happy with the sound coming out of an Aukey pair and especially ones that are so small and nifty. I tested these earphones against all genres and the quality was really good. Out of the battery, I received 8 hours of playback at a relatively high volume. When it came to charging, it took 85-90 minutes to charge them.
Also, one of the positives about these earphones, is that when you are not using them, it has magnetic pieces on the earpieces which allow you to connect both earpieces together to form a chain/necklace, meaning you haven’t got to put them in your pocket and it saves you losing them too (definitely saved me once or twice!)
One thing I would say that troubled me was the fact at times it was difficult to get the earphones to remain in my ears at times, therefore it made enjoy the experience more difficult than anticipated on a handful of occasions. I had to change the earbuds around at the beginning and found ones that did the job, but even whilst walking/sitting or running, I had issues on a handful of occasions. Sweat is also one area which made life difficult as the earphones did slide out of my ears (I am someone who sweats a lot, so it is difficult for them to remain in/not made for profuse sweating).
In summary, I would definitely recommend buying these earphones for £20. They are a bargain and you won’t regret it. For that price, the battery life, sound quality and performance is superb!! For the past 3 weeks, I have used these when working out and will continue moving forward. There’s no going back now!


Great review! Related to the above quote, did you try out some of the other sizes of earbuds and earhooks? It always takes me some time to find just the right combination of sizes to make sure everything feels secure. Each person’s ear shape is different though and sometimes it’s just not a good fit regardless.

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Try to include some pics of the earbuds, removed out from the plastic covers!

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