Review: Aukey EP-B56 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

I am not really a huge audiophile, but I know how to recognize devices/peripherals that have a good audio range, since I have worked as an assistant audio technician at my local church. That being said, since I am more used to the feel and sound quality of headphones (I own a pair of Sennheiser Momentum 1 On-Ear Headphones), I was intrigued to know how these earphones would perform especially at the £20 price point and I am honestly impressed!

First things first, everything is packaged neatly in a little cardboard box which includes the pouch to keep the earphones in, 3 sets of earbuds that come with this product, a short micro USB cable used to charge the earphones, a user manual, a quick start guide and a 24-month product warranty card. I started using the earphones as soon as I got them and over the course of a week or slightly more, put it through a series of tests. I will note that the product does come fully charged and that is a bonus otherwise you will have to spend a while before you get to use it. I intentionally depleted the battery by playing at mid to full volume and proceeded to receive 7 hours of playback and charged it to see the charging time to which I got a good 1.4 hours which was under the stated time of 1.5 hours. Note that the 7 hours of playback time differs on the volume you are playing at as sometimes I would get a solid 7.8 hours on regular volume, so keep that in mind. There is a small LED indicator on the device which will let you know if the device is “on”, “pairing”, “approaching low battery” and “very low battery.” When you reach the “very low battery” stage (user manual for more details), you will have around 5-10 seconds for you to plug the charger in before it dies out on you. :frowning:

Bluetooth connectivity is extremely fast and reliable and an indicator to know whether you have turned the earphones on or not, is the little high pitched “ding” that it makes for less than a second. People with sensitive ears will find it annoying but eventually you will get used to it.

I set up a playlist that had various genres of music ranging from hip-hop to hard rock to drum-n-bass to EDM to house to pop and finally to classical. The sound quality is astonishing from something to small especially concerning the highs and mids. Bass is decent and rich but isn’t all that great. Certain hip-hop tunes with a heavy bass riff or reverb will sound rather lackluster, while beats from a snare or double bass drum sound apt and full.

I am that kind of person that exercises a lot and also likes to listen to music while showering. I tested the water resistance by “accidentally” dropping it in my full bathtub and let it submerge for a few seconds to know that it was playing music completely fine. Excessive sweat also poses no threat, but however does make the earphones a bit slippery. That brings me to my next point, which is unless you’re sweating profusely, the earphones won’t come off regardless how high you jump or how fast you run. The ability to lock your earphones together using the magnetic parts is extremely handy and is such a great addition, since I can get clumsy and would’ve gotten the earphones lost somewhere in my neighbourhood had that not been a feature.

My biggest issue with these earphones is that I cannot get a proper “seal” into my ears in order to get that satisfying noise cancelling, interruption free, full sounding feeling to it. I have tried a mixture of different earbud sizes to circumvent this issue but had to resort to buying third party ones. Although it could just be me as my left ear canal is slightly bigger than my right, hence the right fits well whereas I have problems with the left one.

Overall, I would recommend buying these earphones especially considering that they cost £20 and, that the sound quality and performance is unreal. These are currently my go-to ones for workouts and runs. Just don’t have super high expectations, and you will be smooth sailing. Seriously though, this is a steal and a half, and you won’t regret it!

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