Review: Aukey 7-Port USB 3.0 Powered Hub

I had been searching for powered multi-port USB 3.0 hub for awhile and found a very good one in the Aukey 7-Port USB 3.0 Hub. The four data USB 3.0 ports + the three charging ports means I’ll never really run out of room with connecting high powered devices & transferring data as well as fast charging at 2.4A per port in the charging ports.

Installation was easy. Connect the supplied AC adapter to the power port and plug into your wall socket. Connect the included USB 3.0 cable to the data port and then connect to your desktop or laptop. Turn on the hub via the power switch. Drivers will install and the USB 3.0 powered hub will be ready to go. A User Guide is also included.

File transfer speeds are very fast as expected, as is the fast charging in the charge ports. I can plug a multitude of USB flash drives, external hard drives (or SSDs), a smartphone, tablet, GPS unit, Bluetooth speakers and a host of USB devices. This hub has been a permanent fixture on my desk. I just wish it also offered USB-C Power Delivery ports. Recommended.



There’s a tick box item for the home office :+1:


Nice review, great pics!

Some scope for improvements… Switch input charging port to USB-C, would be great companion for Omnia Duo Chargers.

Also add the data connection port with USB-A and USB-C.


Great review. Not sure if I need these many USB ports though :wink:


Nice been I have a 10 port from a competitor it has charging ports but does not register as a fast charge. Does this one show the fast charge on the phone? If it is, I will sell my old one and replace it with this one.


What phone is it?
Not all phones will accept fast charge unless you use the OEM charger, just something to check before hitting the buy now button :+1:


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and it accepts most fast chargers work with it. This include Aukey and several of their competitors.


Good :slight_smile:

Thanks. I agree with your points. This hub is an older model that they’re still selling. It could use an update to USB-C PD connections, for sure. Maybe even throw a SD 4.0 reader as well.

You’ll never know until you start using them. Thanks :slight_smile:

It does not support Quick Charge 1.0/2.0/3.0, if that’s what you’re asking but does support 2.4A at the USB ports.


Those charging ports that show as fast charge are fast charge only - not a data connection to the computer. So this is a 4 port USB 3 hub, combined with a 3 port charging station.

Not a real replacement for your 10 port hub, if more than 4 those ports are actually used for data connection.

@Zed my biggest dislike is that USB-A to USB-A cable. I have an Aukey hub with the same thing from a few years back - it should be a USB-C connection on the hub end if it isn’t going to be an integrated cable. Then you can use USB A-C or C-C depending on the available ports on your computer.

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Correct. 4 data ports + 3 ports for charging.

This is an older model before USB-C was widely accepted. I could use a USB-C to USB 3.0 cable in it’s place but it won’t be magically faster. It will still operate at USB 3.0 speeds.

Perhaps this hub would benefit with an update to USB-C Gen 2, if Aukey thinks there’s a market for it.

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I have a hub that was advertised as a USB-C hub, and is provided with a USB-A to C cable, where the A end goes into the hub. About 4 years old. It works, but is not compliant with the spec. USB-A ends are ONLY supposed to appear on host devices, and USB-A to A cables shouldn’t exist.

I’m not looking for a speed difference, just spec compliance. And that USB-A connector should never appear as the link to an upstream device.


USB-C hubs should have a USB-C to the Host connection, I agree. The 4 year old hub is probably a Gen 1 spec, at 5Gbps.

Today, I stick with USB-C Gen 2 10Gbps devices when searching for new Tech.

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