Review: Aukey 18W PD Charger Fast Charger With Foldable Plugs

Compact size, foldable prongs and fast Power Delivery 3.0 makes this a great charger. Comes with User Guide. A charging cable is not supplied.

The PA-Y18 is one of the smallest PD chargers out in the market and at 18W, a little over an ounce in weight. It fast charges my Samsung S8 very fast, as expected. Great for carrying everywhere. There’s no indicator of charging status. Just plug in your USB-C supported device and and make sure your cable supports Power Delivery. Recommended.



Great review. Detailed and nice pictures :+1:

Wow, @Zed you are a pro at reviews and taking nice pictures :ok_hand: Awesome job there :+1:

Thank you

Thanks. I’m actually a pro photographer :camera: :blush:


You should be doing all website pics etc. for Aukey :grin:

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That would be an ideal job :relaxed:


Award for the Best Idea goes to… @JSH1973 :clap: :clap:

and Best Photos goes to @Zed :clap: :clap:

Jokes apart, these photos are excellent ! Aukey should use some of these for marketing & ads

This one was my favorite



Haha. Thanks for the kind compliments :blush:

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Nice review. A solid pickup for those that like single port chargers.

I really like what you’re doing - so i’m happy to see you’re reviewing the Omnia Chargers. Can’t wait for a nice, in-depth review of them :smiley:

Single port chargers are great for everyday carry and fast charging my smartphone. They don’t take up much space in your pocket, bag or power receptacle.

Thank you Dane. I look forward to receiving and testing the Omni Duo charger :relaxed:

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You’re welcome! Keep up the good work :smiley:

Which AUKEY product is your favorite, seeing as you’ve reviewed so many? :thinking:

@Dane_AUKEY I have so many that I like, but I’ll post a few here:

Aukey PB-Y22 10000mAh Universal Power Bank

Aukey Surge Protector 6-Port 43W USB Charger. Although I would have preferred the model with USB-PD and in Black

Aukey PA-Y19 Minima 30W PD Charger


Nice - all good products!

I especially like the Minima 30W - super handy! :battery:


I have that same surge protecter / power strip. Fantastic on my computer desk to handle all my peripherals that need power (hubs, hard drives, monitors), and I use some of the ports for USB charging for quadcopter batteries, one for my phone, others for miscellaneous things.

Some would think 6 USB ports and 8 outlets is too many, but they would be wrong.


If you live in an old place like me, you NEED 8 outlets per unit :grin:


Agreed. I look forward to seeing the Minima with two USB-C PD ports but at the SAME size (if possible).

The surge protector is great. It’s one of Aukey’s older models but powers my workstation. I have it mounted to the wall under my desk and all peripherals are plugged into it, including my wireless charger which requires a Quick Charge 3.0 output for 10W Fast Wireless charging.

The more the better, as long as they are spaced out properly for oversized adapters.

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