<RESOLVED> T21s won't turn off and constantly reconnect

I’ve been using my T21 wireless ear buds fine until today. I used them for a about 3 hours at work today and was fine. When I left work I returned them to the case and put them in my pocket. After about 30 seconds of having my phone connected to my car the audio went back to the T21s, while still in the case. I tried multiple times to disconnect from the phone, but it kept restoring the connection. When I got home I forgot the connection, repaired and same thing. Now they are in an endless look trying to pair, it’s been 10 minutes and they are just flashing red and green.

Any ideas?

We are sorry to hear that you are facing these issues. Our CS specialist @Kelly_AUKEY will get back to you later and help you troubleshoot this or arrange a replacement if it’s beyond fixing.

Try and stick them on the charger to get the buds and case up to full charge.
Then to clear the pairing list, take the buds out of the case and then tap and hold the touch sensitive button on both buds for minimum 10 seconds.
Also clear them from the phone and other sources they have been connected before starting over.
Hopefully that will sort it,.


Thanks I will give it a try tonight after work and report back.

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I got a pair of them myself yesterday and find them very good, selection of eartips that they come with could be better but I had a set of Comply Foam that I put on and with the improved seal the passive noise cancellation is really good and it improves the bass a good bit as well.

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Sorry to hear you’re having this problem!! Hope we get it fixed asap :pray:

Nice idea with the Comply foam add ons - especially if the seal is better. :clap:

@JSH1973 thanks for the help. I think that solved it. I forgot the pairings, charged and started fresh. They disconnect when placed back into the case and stay that way. Do you think it had anything to do with not having the case near me when using yesterday? I was in a warehouse space and left the case at the entrance while I walked around, probably outside of Bluetooth range. The buds wet fine and had not issue with the connection.


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Excellent :+1:
Yes the missing case would be an issue, I forgot to ask you about that.
The phone would keep looking to reconnect to the Buds the same way it reconnects if connection is lost momentarily while in use

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@JSH1973 thanks

I had a feeling that was the issue. I placed the case down and didn’t even think lol, almost did the same with my phone.

Nice fix! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

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