[RESOLVED] Pairing troubleshooting,I see two earbuds on my IPX!

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"Hi Everyone,

Just received my EP-T21, but I sadly can’t start to enjoy them since I’m not able to correctly pair them on my Win 10 (please note that I also have the same issue with my galaxy S10+).
Earbuds are fully charged
take them out of the case
wait for 5 sec - light are now blinking green / red on both earbuds
start the BT discovery on my laptop
I do have TWO “Audio EP-T21” that appears (one for the right, one for the left)
I tried ot just had one of them => the other one is not working
I tried to add both of them => just one is working
It looks like the 2 earbuds are not syncing to each other.
Am I doing something wrong ???
thanks for your support

I got the same problems.

exactly the same.

I tried few times this:

Unpair, remove from the bluetooth list the two earbuds then pair again.

***Still got the same, i can see two earbuds and not only one. ***

and the music is working only in one of them, the first i pair.

***Can you help me out from this? ***

Thanks in adv


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I found this - - -

if you turn them both off at the same time (press for 8 seconds), then long press both buttons for 15 seconds they will factory reset, put them in the charging case at the same time, then take them out at the same time and they should automatically pair.

Make sure you select forget device in Bluetooth settings first for any paired individually, or anything relating to these earbuds

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hey @JSH1973 thats a great find! hope this resolves the issue for @alexm71

Hi JSH1973…thanks for the reply! Great job ! everything is working fine!
grateful that there are community like this one, so useful and guys ready to help each other!
Thanks again!


Good stuff, only glad I could help :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks Team :clap:

@CK-Techie @CK-Techie

Glad you got it fixed @alexm71

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@Dane_AUKEY It was @JSH1973 who provided the resolution :clap::clap::clap:

Yes, my bad. Seems I wrote the name twice ha.

Naturally, thanks to both of you :smiley:


Sure we’re all part of the same tribe :sunglasses:


Same we are!!:grinning:


sorry to bother you but I have the same problem of pairing, but this method didn’t work.When you press 8 seconds the button to put them off, did you remove your thumb or you let them placed on earbuds to continue the 15 sec reset ?
Thank you very much for your reply.

Is your pairing problem with computer or phone?
also, which computer/phone?

Hi @Laoshi

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues. Our CS team @Kelly_AUKEY will get in touch with you to discuss troubleshooting options :slight_smile:

Pairing with my iphone 8 plus, it detect two earbuds.
I try your solution but it didn’t work, so maybe I’m doing something wrong
Thank you very much

I think the phone might be detecting them individually without them pairing up, when you take them out of the box and put them in your ears, put on music and if only sound in the right one, tap and hold the left with your finger

Thank you for your reply,
I tried this solution and the only thing is that the earbud is putting off…and then I hear a sound telling me that the earbud is puttong on…
I’m a little bit desesperate as I really like these earbuds…
But I really appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Ok !!! I manage to solve the problem.
Just for information, I reset only one earbud of the two and now it works !!! the both are appaired
Thank you again for your time and your help
Have a good day.


Wonderful news - thanks for sharing the solution!

I’m having an issue pairing my T-21 with my iPhone 8. I’ve tired these suggestions in the thread, but it still pairs the earbuds separately.

Never mind. It finally paired together!

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Thanks for letting us know!