[RESOLVED] EP-T21 - WIN10 - earbuds appears twice

Hi Everyone,
Just received my EP-T21, but I sadly can’t start to enjoy them since I’m not able to correctly pair them on my Win 10 (please note that I also have the same issue with my galaxy S10+).
Earbuds are fully charged
take them out of the case
wait for 5 sec - light are now blinking green / red on both earbuds
start the BT discovery on my laptop
I do have TWO “Audio EP-T21” that appears (one for the right, one for the left)
I tried ot just had one of them => the other one is not working
I tried to add both of them => just one is working
It looks like the 2 earbuds are not syncing to each other.
Am I doing something wrong ???
thanks for your support

Hi @zombie

Thanks for joining the Community. Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue.

I’ve let our customer support @Kelly_AUKEY know about this.

In the meantime, I personally have found issues with my Bluetooth devices and windows 10 BT. I had to unpair and remove it from the list, before re-pairing. This has helped me in the past.

Hi Dane,
Thabls for that.
It was actually what I start with. But no luck with that. And since I also have the issue on my phone it makes me think the issue is not windows related. But I might be wrong.

You’re welcome. Sorry it didn’t work.

Customer Support have received the message and will get back to you here, asap :slight_smile:

Hi Zombie,

Sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue. From the details that you’ve provided, I suggest that you shorten the distance between the headphones and the devices, and erase the pairing record on the devices, after that try to reset it. Then try another device.
If resetting doesn’t help, please run the power down on your headphones, and then recharge it and try again.
Please contact this email if it still doesn’t work: support@aukey.com

Try this - - -

if you turn them both off at the same time (press for 8 seconds), then long press both buttons for 15 seconds they will factory reset, put them in the charging case at the same time, then take them out at the same time and they should automatically pair.

Make sure you select forget device in Bluetooth settings first for any paired individually, or anything relating to these earbuds

In win10 many devices do show up twice. The first. Is stereo only, the second is as a headset with sound and speech. Are the descriptions for them both exactly the same? Screenshot maybe?

Hi @zombie

When you pair them to PC(Windows I assume), it shows up as Headphones & Headset

In order to use the Microphone, choose the Headset option on the default audio mode on Windows, after which you can use to use the headset and microphone from it.

While using as Headphone – you only get audio and cannot use microphone.

You can also do this from Control panel, chose the default speaker, speaker and communication device as EP-T21

You need to set it as Headset to use the microphone - Headphone mode only gives out audio.

can you give some screenshots of how the EPT21 shows on Audio controls

Go to Windows Control Panel – > Sound -->


Check all the devices listed and let us know for Windows 10 what you see EP T21 listed as?

If you face the same with Samsung phone… You may want to delete the BT pairing and re- pair.

Aukey support may be able to assist here @Kelly_AUKEY


Nice guys :smiley:

If that sorts the problem, then another fix for the Community :clap:

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Thanks everyone!
I didn’t saw your comment till now, So 'ill try whatyou ve said and I ll get back to you ASAP.
Thanks again for the help!

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Yeah let us know, even if it doesn’t work, hopefully it does but if not… We have a challenge :grin:

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Do let us know if it works :slight_smile:

Sadly it didn’t work. Still same behvior, it appears 2 times. See the screen shot below.
2020-04-06 15_27_44-Window

I really don’t get why the 2 earbuds doesnb’t sync with each other :-\

Thanks for your help,


Hi Laurent,

Please can you message us at support@aukey.com - i’ve already referred it to our Customer Service team.


Have you tried syncing to the right one with the left still in case? After its good pull out the left and see if it syncs (in theory it should sync to the right one instead of bluetooth)

@monkey, I’m unsure how to do so. Could you please explain that to me?
@Dane_AUKEY, we already exchange with the support, I’m awaiting an answer from them to my last message.

Thanks Gentlemen,


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Please follow the steps from @JSH1973 as a first step but DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT OF CASE

Now go to Windows machine, remove the EP-T21 Pairing from the machine completely for both the earbuds you see

Now Take the EP-T21 out of case at same time and they should automatically pair.

Try to Pair EP-T21 to Windows this time, it should work well, and in-sync

Do let us know


Unsync both devices from your pc. Place the left earbud into the case. Sync to the right earbud, (there should only be 1 option if this works). Once it is synced up pull out your left earbud, it should sync up to the right one and not your pc.


Fair play guys :+1:

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Superb advice guys. :muscle::muscle: