[RESOLVED] EP-T21 connection issue with Windows 7 laptop

Hello to all,

I bought an AUKEY EP-T21 product, and I have a problem to connect it to a laptop equiped with Windows 7.
The first connection is done, two « COM » drivers have been installed automatically, but the connection don’t work : the headset stays in a pairing mode.

In bluetooth properties, I can see that some services like « Headset », « Audio sink », … are not checked.

If I check it, the computer research news drivers and it didn’t find.

Anyone could help me ?

Thank you in advance !


The Bluetooth option needs to have the Headset & Handsfree Telephony selected, Also , and un-check the Serial Port

Do this and pair the EP-T21 back to Windows 7 and let us know if the audio works!

If it does not work, check with Audio Sink (sink means it is supposed to receive bluetooth audio) enabled as well.

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Hello, and thank you for your reply.

I tried that, and it doesn’t work. After clicking on « OK », Windows research drivers with no results :

Thank you for your help.


Since you are on Windows 7 I’m guessing your laptop is a certain age as well…
Did any discs with drivers etc come with the laptop or could you search for drivers manually

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what is the make/model of your laptop?

Based on that you may want to download the bluetooth drivers, some known brands for BT drivers / Laptops you may check based on your laptop:

Intel based BT Driver
Lenovo Laptop
Dell Laptop

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@RodolpheT Hi and Welcome to the Community. Sorry you’re experiencing some issues.

@Kelly_AUKEY has been forwarded your question.

As @CK-Techie said, if you can let us know more info about your machine, then we can help you to troubleshoot better :pray:

Hi to all,

Thank you for your help ! With my local IT managers (professional laptop), we have fixed the issue : bluetooth drivers have been updated, and it works !

For information, it’s a Lenovo laptop (T450 model).

This topic can be closed and assigned to resolved :slight_smile:

Have a nice day.



Excellent that you got it sorted and thanks for letting us know the solution :+1:

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Great news!! Glad we were able to here,

Again, we are here as a community to help, and feel free to keep checking the community and join all of us, help fellow community members!


Glad to hear that got sorted :slight_smile: :clap:

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