[RESOLVED] Bluetooth Headphones Issue – Volume Reduced Unexpectedly In One Ear

I’m having a quite serious issue with my AUKEY Bluetooth headphones. Earlier today, for no reason whatsoever, the right earbud just dropped in volume by 85-90%. I was walking along listening to a podcast when it happened suddenly, literally without me doing anything. The left one is still normal, but the right one is almost inaudible – although there is clearly still an audio signal coming through it.

I’ve tried turning them off and on again by replacing them in the case. I’ve tried disconnecting and reconnecting the Bluetooth. I’ve tried turning the volume down and back up again. I’ve tried charging them.

None of this works. I’m pretty annoyed, I have to say, as they’re not much more than 4 months old. Does anyone have the same issue, and any idea how it might be fixed?

Maybe try taking a q-tip and some alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to clean the bud from any ear wax that may be inside.


Sounds like a warranty support question to me. What you are describing sounds just like a blown out speaker - still makes sound, but quiet and not very clear. That can happen with headphones too, they are just small speakers.

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Maybe, but to just happen after four months of use strikes me as pretty bad. And it wasn’t as if I was driving the headphones hard; just listening to a podcast at regular volume and from one second to the next the audio dropped.

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Agree, and it stinks. Perfection in manufacturing is not a possible outcome, and it sounds like there was probably a defect that showed up eventually.

My preference is to get it right the first time, but I tend to buy again from companies that make it right if it fails.

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Hi @BearGwills

As our friends here have said, its more than likely that you’ve got a defected product, so I’ve passed this onto the Customer Support team @Kelly_AUKEY

Please do submit a ticket on our website - www.aukey.com/contact-us and this will help us to get your product info from amazon and then a replacement processed :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

Just wanted to return to this because I actually figured out what the problem is! As Jtsville correctly guessed (thanks!), the issue wasn’t technical, but actually that the fine mesh gauze had ended up blocked with wax.

I didn’t think this would have been the issue, as to the eye it looked completely clean, but I managed to remove the mesh with a pin and the earbud was right back to full volume.

So, to anyone reading this – if you’re having the same issue, take out the wire mesh pads and you should have no more problems!


Glad it helped!

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Nice work @Jtsville - very handy!

Glad all worked out in the end then, @BearGwills