<RESOLVED> Aukey Watchtower Server Offline

Hi, we’ve been using your Watchtower CCTV system for a number of months for remote viewing, but last week both of your servers went offline. watchtower.aukey.com and watchtowereu.aukey.com. Is this a known issue and is there a resolution in the pipeline?

I’ve been in touch with your customer support team, who told me to contact Amazon, who clearly aren’t able to help me resolve an issue with your servers! Please help!

Hi @Lighttech2012

Sorry to hear about this issue. I’ve already notified our CS team and tagged our resident customer support @Kelly_AUKEY

@Simon_AUKEY may also be able to get to the bottom of this, if he talks with the IT dept as this is more related to them, than general product support. :pray:

Thanks for contacting us.

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I feel so sorry that I was just told this problem, unfortunately, cannot be fixed as the manufacturer has gone bankrupt recently. Regardless of that, we will issue you and all the others who purchased the same thing a refund to make things right. And I suggest you contact our CS team at support.eu@aukey (or support.us@aukey.com if you bought it from the US site) with your Amazon Order ID and the product model number. Our CS team will take care of it asap.

@Simon_AUKEY @Dane_AUKEY Thanks for much for the info. Have you got any instructions on re-configuring the device to accept a new DDNS server. There are several options on the DVR setup menu but I can’t get any of them to work!

I believe this is already being looked into - once someone has an answer, we’ll let you know. Thanks for understanding! :pray:

I’m following this post because I have the same problem.
I’m trying to set a new DDNS server . I use viewcan app but there is no option on the DVR setup menu to set its server.
I create a no-ip account and DVR can connect successfully but I don’t know how to set viewcan to watch cameras remotely with that server.
I saw similar firmware to watchtower one that have viewcan DDNS option in DVR setup menu.

I didn’t find other posts here that help.
@Lighttech2012 did you find any solution?

Sorry for my bad english.
Greetings from Italy


Hello @hantarex

I’m still awaiting an answer about this. I know our team is looking into the options of what we can do for you guys. Please bare with us :slight_smile:


Hi there,
I have found the solution.

Set server : watchtower (as before)
Uncheck “default” flag
Set server address: viewcan.net
Set server port: 80

Register your DVR on viewcan.net website.
Install viewcan app on your smartphone.

That’s all



@hantarex, this worked beautifully! Thank you!

That’s fantastic you found a solution!! Great job @hantarex :slight_smile:

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Great that you have a workaround even if the original server is down, glad the product is flexible enough to let you keep using it even so.

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Is there another fix as this stopped working as well.

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@Simon_AUKEY @Dane_AUKEY

The fab fix that hantarex found last month has now been taken offline and now also doesn’t work. I know you said you were looking at another solution in-house? Please! This is so annoying! :smile:


That’s a shame…very annoying that it’s stopped working. I’m asking our team now whether a work around was found. :pray:


Why does this keep happening?

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Has another solution been found?

Hi @Schulr37

We’ve tried our very best to get this running, but as a lot of the software and service was outsourced to a 3rd party, after their collapse into administration, we can no longer provide the service we want to offer.

So, unfortunately, we recommend that you apply for a refund. I wish we could do more, but our customer support team has just updated me with this.

Visit here and submit your details

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@Dane_AUKEY That’s a shame. I purchased mine from Amazon, but not directly from yourselves. I think it must have been a re-seller. What’s the best option for me? I’ve already contacted the customer support via your website and ended up being sent round and round in circles because they don’t recognise the amazon order number. (This is why I came here!)

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I‘ve just directly shared this with our CS team, and this thread - so they’re aware of the conversation.

They should get in touch asap with you to sort this out. It certainly complicates things with you purchasing it via a re-seller, but I believe we’ll be able to help :pray:

Everytime I go to that website (https://www.aukey.com/contact-us) and put in my information all I get is this error message.
aukey3 .
Please help