Replacement tips and wings for aukey t10

I’ve had the t10 since January and have lost the replacement tips and ear wings. Where can I find replacements, specifically for the wings?

Hi @Kli

Unfortunately, we do not sell replacement tips or ear wings.


@Kli you can use comply tips with these. Just pick the kind you think you need.
And the seller on amazon (which I presume is Aukey) confirmed that:

I hear using those improves noise isolation / cancellation significantly anyway for many people with foam tips.

Not sure about the ear wings. There are many on amazon, but I don’t see any that specifically mention the t10. You would have to look and compare what matches the size on the ones you have, and probably measure the diameter of the circle around the back to make sure whatever you get will fit onto it.

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Comply Foam tips are great even if they are a bit expensive

Helpful info there! Thanks

I know Comply offer some great options, but after checking on their site - I couldn’t see any. Glad you found some options :clap: