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Hi, I’m confused how warranties work for this company? I’ve purchased a PA-D1, and included in package is a sticker that states “please visit aukey(dot)com to register your warranty…” but the website only lists information for products purchased not in the US (which mine was) and ordered not on Amazon (which I did). So I thought the registration is perhaps “automatic” but then I read the manual says “after sales support is only offered for products purchased directly from AUKEY”, which mine wasn’t. I just want to make sure:

  1. my product is covered under warranty
  2. I’ve taken the necessary steps to register the product
  3. I know who to contact should I need to take advantage of said warranty

I’ve created user accounts on and as well as take then the time to post this topic, and normally I wouldn’t put this much time into such a simple peripheral accessory, but it’s COVID-19 so I’ve got time today.



The best option I suggest is to contact the customer service team at with details on your purchase / purchase proof and Order number. They should get back to you.

The URL to register a product, you need to follow this link:

Adding Aukey team here @Simon_AUKEY @Dane_AUKEY


Your warranty should be automatic and already registered when bought on Amazon US.
That’s the way I read the information on the website anyway.


Hi @Njlewicki

Thanks for taking the time to register your warranty and let us know about your question.

If you’ve purchased it from US Amazon, then your warranty is valid and covered. If you submitted your warranty application/ registered the product via the account set up procedure on, then you’ll be all good to go.

If you ever have a problem with your product, go to and submit your info including amazon order number. Then we’ll have a record of the purchase and can help process any replacement etc.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


No, it doesn’t help.

^ what is this process?

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So is just purchasing the products via US amazon sufficient, or are there additional step(s) to take? If there are, what are they?

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For Aukey Products purchased on Amazon, Aukey has records of these in their database and can track the product warranty per the terms and conditions / period of warranty duration.

Also there is Warranty verification for products purchased outside Amazon, sold by AUKEY resellers in the specific countries and regions, details may be found link here (

If you have exact question on validity of warranty duration, Please submit your Amazon order details via the contact form ( and provide the requested information, Aukey Support will get back to you.


@Njlewicki As CK-Techie mentioned, we keep records of all purchases. So if you have purchased it on Amazon US, we’ll be able to confirm that - validating your warranty.

If you’ve made an account with us, there is a section to register your products - helping provide us with the information we need in case of a warranty issue.

So, you don’t need to worry :slight_smile:

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I cannot register because I cannot find the product verification label with a QR code. All I see is a silver strip with the SKU and S/N information.

Please help.

Hi @tbates921

Thanks for your question. Where did you purchase your AUKEY product?
Amazon? If so, which Amazon (US/UK/EU etc)?

If you’ve not purchased it in the Middle East, Asia or in some other countries, you won’t see the QR code.

ANY product purchased via Amazon or our own website below automatically has the warranty :slight_smile:

Amazon, US.

Now I understand.

Then no worries. If you have an issue in the future with your device then you can contact us with your amazon order number, and we’ll know you purchased it from us.