Refer a Friend | Let's Build a Better Community

Month by month, we at AUKEY HQ have really enjoyed seeing the community flourish and grow, from a small group of people to 1000s of people visiting every week.

We’d love to continue that growth, bringing AUKEY fans, friends and customers alike to discuss topics, shape the future of our company via surveys and feedback requests, and in return we offer you all special discounts, free products, giveaways and more.

So, we’d like to see this month who can refer the most friends - who become active users of the Community.

The screenshot below is of the ‘Promoter Badge’, which as you can see, is given to someone that invites a person to join the discussion here. By the end of this month, we’ll see who has added this badge to their profile.


Every person that has the 'Promoter Badge’ on their profile, will be entered into a prize draw! Free AUKEY prizes and even a $50 Amazon Gift Card. :smiley:

So, share your link from inside your profile/user page to friends and family. :clap:


Just a little heads up.
I just tried sending the automatic email and it went straight to junk mail (I didn’t sign up again, I just wanted to know what the email looked like)
So if you invite someone, maybe also tell them to check spam/junk mail for the link.
There’s also the option to copy the link instead so you can send it in a personal email.

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Thanks for sharing. I’ll be sure to do that too! :+1:

Hey @Dane_AUKEY this is an awesome event and way to grow the community… I am sharing the links today… :+1:


Thanks! I think its a great way to bring others who may be like-minded here :slight_smile:


Been doing that for a few months. Thanks :slight_smile:

And @Dane_AUKEY Dane, still waiting on that Top Fan Award for March. Sent you an email and I didn’t get anything.

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Hi Zed. I replied, strange.

Let me get back to you tomorrow about that. Unsure why there’s such a delay :frowning:

I didn’t get a reply.

Building a better, bigger, and more interactive community is always our goal.


Most of my friends and family aren’t interested in joining forums and communities. However, I’m part of several other communities and I use my referral links on articles and social media and get referrals from my readers and social media followers.

Is it possible to get the referral link system to open links and not linked to one email?


Good idea, maybe like an affiliate program link or along those lines.

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Great idea! We’ve been working on an affiliate system, to integrate with this platform. We hope to get it up and running asap :slight_smile:


Thats a great update!

Have sent out invites to family and friends, it is tough to get people to sign-up… may be couple of them might sign-in/

May be like @element321 mentioned, URL referrals might be easier for sign-up

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I would be happy to refer people in general - but I don’t like to pester them, and I don’t know many people in real life who would do more than sign up and then never be on again. So tough to actually help out with the active numbers in that way.

My experience is that people either come because they like this sort of community, to get something free, or because they have a problem they need help solving. And the last sort tend to move on once they are done getting the problem solved, but some will stick around, and those are the people this sort of forum exists to help in many ways.

Peer pressure signups don’t last very long in my experience.


Hey @Dane_AUKEY thought of checking for event end date, when winners will be announced :blush:

Good question. It’ll be announced end of the month - 31st May :slight_smile:

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So, its’ been a very busy month in the Community. May flew by, with 100s and 100s of new members, so we welcome all of you that joined!

We had just a few of you refer a friend, but that’s okay :slight_smile:

We like to see this community grow naturally, and with like-minded people!

So, without further ado - our resident @CK-Techie invited their friend to join :slight_smile: So congrats to you! We’ll be arranging a nice prize for you!


Good man Techie :sunglasses:

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Thank you @Dane_AUKEY :slight_smile: