Qi Wireless Charging Deal - $6!

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If you have a Qi-Wireless enabled device, you can now grab this for just $6!


Do not miss out. I know stocks are already low :smiley:


Nice one :+1:

Thanks to being home and using my cell phone more often than before, I just put one of these in my kitchen to be able to give my phone a little boost during meals (and snacks) while setting my wife up with my old 5W version at her desk to help her sustain power on her phone. For $6 though, I may upgrade that to this 10W version though. I have to say, I definitely prefer the stand style ones for my desk though so I can still see the screen, time, and notifications.

For $6, its hard to justify not getting it!

I do like the stand version, for simplicity and not worrying about it falling off - but they’re both great wireless chargers. :battery: