Product That Charges a MacBook Pro 16" and iPad Pro

Do you have a product that charges a MacBook Pro 16" inch Laptop and iPad Pro at the same time?


If you mean one of the brand new 16" models that requires a 96W+ power adapter, they announced one at CES:

But it isn’t available yet:

What you would probably be looking for there is the PA-B6 dual port 100W model.

If you need a lower powered version today, they just released the lower level entries in the new Omnia line:

But I am pretty sure those will only work well for the 13" macbook pro and the air. For your 16, it will charge it but comparatively slowly, and it might not even keep up with usage in heavy load scenarios.

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@TahaEng Thanks a lot for your help sharing that - very detailed! :clap:

@Marchand Hi! Thanks also for your question, as TahaEng said, keep checking back here for news on the 100W Omnia Charger that can charge your MacBook Pro 16". You’ll be the first to know right here, in the Community :slight_smile:

Hi can this charge other laptops such as Acer Swift 5 with the USB-C port?

If the laptop supports charging using USB-C PD, then yes, it can. Which one you need depends on the specific power requirements of your computer.

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We have enjoyed using the Omnia Duo 65W. It’s charging our X1 Carbon Gen7 very quickly. The only thing that would help having 65W or more rated USB-C cables available from Aukey which I do not believe they are at the moment.


First, welcome to the forum :slightly_smiling_face:
Cables you are asking for should be coming soon, there was a discussion on it earlier or yesterday, have a good look around the forum and you will see it.


Late April the 100w cables should arrive

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The current cables are rated for 60W officially, since that is USB-C spec (20V, 3A). I wouldn’t be surprised if they actually delivered that full 65W, but even if they don’t you aren’t losing much capacity there.

But we are all looking forward to charging with more capable cables and chargers at the higher speeds.