Product Testing Rules

What is the Testing Zone?

The Testing Zone is a place for community members to gather and test products. If you love testing out new products, then this is the place for you. Essentially, you will receive and review the product while using any social media platform that AUKEY has (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). Be creative! Follow the steps below on how to become a tester:

How to sign-up?

Step 1: Create a free account on

Step 2: Read the testing rules and guidelines.

Step 3: Find a product you want to test.

Step 4: Apply for the product test.

Step 5: Fill out the necessary application forms and wait for our response.

Testing Criteria

Applicants will be considered based on the following criteria

  1. Must be a U.S. Resident to apply (sorry - we’re just sending to U.S addresses for now - more countries to be added in time) :slight_smile:
  2. Provide all necessary background information (including all social media handles)
  3. Briefly explain your plan on how you are going to review our product (using what platform, idea of the post/media that you’ll be implementing etc.)
  4. Reviews must be in video or written form. Video reviews can be uploaded to YouTube and leave your link in the forum page. For written reviews it must be posted on the forum page.
  5. Signing up for multiple products is ok, but you will only be selected for one product to review at a time.
  6. Copying and plagiarizing others works will not be tolerated, and result in a ban from future product testing.
  7. You have 7 days from your approval and retrieval of the product to complete the review, otherwise your submission will not be considered for discounts and Amazon vouchers (Exceptions for extraneous circumstances that are PM’d to us in advance)

Testing Selection Announcement

Selected testers will be contacted directly from us, and will be posted on our community announcement page.

Product Delivery

Products will be shipped once we have confirmed the participation and address of the tester. Shipping should take no longer than 10-20 days.

Testing Review Submission Reminders

  1. You will not be able to complete other tests until you complete the one you signed up for.
  2. AUKEY reserves the right to use, edit, and repost your content.

I assume the idea is that you guys will post when you want something tested, and then we should apply if interested, correct? Not just name something we are interested in testing in a new thread here just off the top of our heads?

Because for step 3, I can find lots of products around here I want to test.

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I would love to test any of the AUKEY products! I currently am setting up a website where I will actively have reviews testing various products that are innovative, brand new on the market, and help people to increase their productivity and just make their lives easier! Feel free to shout out to me and I can help out when available!

How do I apply to test stuff?

Wow! Great to see lots of interest in testing our products already.

We’re preparing the product testing schedule this week, with announcements to come next week - so we’ll keep you posted as to what you guys can test, real soon! :slight_smile:


@Dane_AUKEY Thanks for keeping us updated on the process! It will be exciting to test out new products and tell consumers about them!

Please consider adding the UK and other European countries

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This instantly disqualifies most members (including me)… many on the forum may be legal residents and not U.S citizens.

Hope this changes in due course, this is still good for many to test the Aukey Products!


Hey! This seems to be a typo, anyone residing in the US, be it a citizen or staying for a short time, is always welcome to join.

We simply need a US address to send to and that’s it. Sorry for the confusion!

Thanks for highlighting that for us :slight_smile:


Hey! We absolutely will be - first we want to test the US first, as its easier in terms of logistics, but we’ll certainly be adding on other countries to test products in the future.

Our community is Global, but as we’re just getting this started, we want to get everything perfect first - hope that makes sense :smiley:


@Dane_AUKEY okay. That makes sense now. Thank you

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thank you for addressing this concerns and resolving it :slight_smile:

I do see it changed to U.S Resident now :+1:

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When is the first test starting, or maybe this is the test, lol… :wink:

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I am assuming like other programs this will require we have a large social media following to be considered?

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Following this thread to be a tester as well.

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I hope that reviews can be made soon in Spain :+1:

Would love to test products. I have loved Aukey products I have purchased and would love to try our more. Have done beta testing for a couple other small tech gadget companies and enjoyed it.

Really interested to see product testing page to start up soon!

Any hints on what the first item will be?

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