Problemi con mouse GM-F5

Ho appena ricevuto il mouse GM-F5 e funziona solamente se collego adattatore wifi + cavetto di ricarica.
L’adattatore wifi viene riconosciuto dal pc.
Le 4 tacche di ricarica risultano illuminate fisse , ma solamente se resta collegato il cavetto. Togliendo il cavo il mouse non risponde a nessun comando indipendentemente dalla posizione dello switch on/off.

C’è qualche cosa che posso fare?


I think you might need to switch to English :wink:

Translated :grin: used Google Translate to get this done for @MexITA

I have just received the GM-F5 mouse and it only works if I connect the wifi adapter + charging cable.
The wifi adapter is recognized by the pc.
The 4 charging notches are lit steadily, but only if the cable is connected. Removing the cable, the mouse does not respond to any commands regardless of the position of the on / off switch.

Is there anything I can do?

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Good man :grin:
I guess I could have done that but dinner was ready :sunglasses:

I have the same problem as you. Someone solved it?

Please contact our support team via email with your Amazon order ID for a replacement. :pray:

As this seems to be a product issue, it’s best to let our team know that way - especially as this is primarily manned by English language speakers.